Humane Education Package

Humane Education Package

We have created a package of easy-to-use lesson plans and activities for teachers that foster respect for animals, and both personal and social growth for children.

The Humane Education Package exposes youngsters to moral and ethical areas not necessarily covered in their daily studies. The messages of care, respect, equality and responsibility towards animals are a valuable complement to the current Moral and Civic educational curriculum. In tandem with the General Studies subjects of primary schools and Liberal Studies in secondary schools, these tutorials use animal themes to reinforce the principles of basic human kindness.

Exploring concepts around the care of pets, the ethical treatment of wildlife, general welfare issues, and a legal framework for animal protection, students are inspired to think about life in a new way. The easily-incorporated activities will spur young minds through reflection and debate to see the interconnection between compassion towards animals, their families and society at large.

Each chapter consists of a lesson and activity plan, worksheets, databank and images to stimulate student interest. The package is available in Chinese and English and is both downloadable and available on DVD. The Humane Education Package is free but requires that you fill out a form online and enter the Authorization Code applicable to your school level.

We ask that you respect our right to be properly credited for developing the content.

The Humane Education package was created by Vivian Chiu from our Education Department and launched in June 2007. It is used in local primary and secondary school curriculum and we have been working with Scout Association and Girl Guides to strengthen their Animal Care Badge programmes. The package is also used in other countries and territories including China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand.

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Education Activities

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Education Talks & Tours

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Special Thematic Talk

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Other resources

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Learn about animals in a fun way!

Humane Education Package

We have created a package of easy-to-use lesson plans and activities for teachers that foster respect for animals, and both personal and social growth for children.