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As Hong Kong’s largest hub of animal welfare and education, the SPCA Jockey Club Centennial Centre (Tsing Yi Centre) will ensure animals are protected, valued and able to enjoy the quality of life they deserve.

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On Jai
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Female(Desexed), 2023-06-01
Ah Ching
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Female, 2024-04-25
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Education Activities

SPCA believes education is an important means of cultivating an individual’s respect for life and love of animals, thereby the Education Talks educate participants regarding the needs and feelings of animals and arouse public awareness on animal welfare issues.

We offer Education Talks to schools, organisations, or groups with flexible learning modes including face-to-face or online. The content of our talks will be adjusted according to the age of the participants.

Book your Education Talks & Tours now! Learn more and help animals in need.

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Please become an Animal Sponsor, and be part of giving more animals the second chance at life that they deserve!

Inspector Fund

In 2022-2023, the SPCA rescued 4,658 injured or trapped animals, and the 24-hour animal rescue hotline received 22,274 calls for help or inquiries.

Mosaic Animal Wall Donation Programme

Show your support for the SPCA, whilst also paying tribute to your own pet by capturing their likeness with this traditional ancient art form.

Paws for a New Hope Donation Scheme

Leave your mark at the SPCA Jockey Club Centennial Centre (Tsing Yi Centre).

Cinderella Vet Medical Fund

The Cinderella Vet Medical Fund provides support for homeless animals facing sudden and critical medical needs. These needs are often complex and require a sizeable cost.


Your donation will enable us to continue expanding this wonderful programme and help us to keep on helping more cats in our community.


Your support will help us continue to develop our programmes in China and play a significant role in bringing about a new era for animal welfare on the Mainland.

Individual Fundraising Campaign

Kudos to Derek our previous Executive Committee member and long-time supporter on his impressive 220km ultra-marathon run.

Legacy Giving

Leave a legacy and make a lasting impact on the lives of animals in need.

Wedding Favours

Our Wedding Favour donation programme offers couples a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on animal welfare while celebrating their love.

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