About the Inspectorate

Today’s 22-person team grew from humble beginnings that predate the formation of the SPCA. The goal was to protect Hong Kong’s animals by patrolling, inspecting and acting on reports of abuse.

The animal rescuers also took on responsibility for promoting responsible pet ownership and this gave birth to the SPCA and the incorporation of the wide range of services run by today’s organisation.

The SPCA Inspectorate works around the clock to make Hong Kong a safe and healthy environment for all the animals with which we share our city. The scope covers all living creatures including owned and abandoned pets, wild animals, farm stock, and those in markets and shops.

The goal of the team is to promote the welfare of animals by rescuing those in need, inspecting and educating those involved with animals, and investigating and prosecuting to prevent unnecessary suffering.


Investigating Cruelty

Our Inspectorate team is dedicated to protecting the welfare of animals and is best known for its work with Hong Kong law enforcement agencies to protect them against cruelty.

Animal Watch Scheme

As a way to combat animal cruelty more effectively, the Hong Kong Police set up the Animal Watch Scheme to formalise the working relationship between the Police, SPCA and the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD).

What is animal welfare?

In Hong Kong, the key animal welfare law is Cap.169 – the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance – and the regulations provided under Cap.169A. These define cruelty as the action or inaction of a person (or persons) that causes ...

Your role in combatting cruelty

The SPCA operates a 24-hour confidential hotline for members of the public to report animal cruelty and this plays a major part in helping us protect animals in Hong Kong. If you suspect animal cruelty is being committed, here are some signs ...

Preventing Dog Poisonings

For three decades, the Bowen Road and Black's Link areas have become synonymous with a suspected dog poisoner. In the early 1990s, dogs were found poisoned almost every month having ingested bait left in the grass verges and more ...

Inspectors in the Community

Our Inspectorate team believes that education can play a major part in reducing animal cruelty so they spend time in the community on a number of programs ...

Inspectorate organisation

Our 22 fulltime employees are organised into three core teams, overseen by the Superintendent who reports to the Deputy Director, Inspectorate ...