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Farm Animal Welfare

The vast majority of people in Hong Kong eat meat, eggs, dairy products and seafood every day. Intensive methods of animal production have led to spectacular increases in farm productivity. What were special foods only a few decades or so ago have been turned into mass-produced and highly-processed low-price commodities. But this desire for ever-cheaper food has devastating consequences not only for the welfare of food animals but also for the environment and human health.

Many of us find the realities of industrial livestock production horrific but do not make the connection between the lives of the vast majority of food animals and the products we buy. We can all make a dramatic difference to the lives of food animals if we open our eyes to the realities of food production.

Animals are sentient beings; they are capable of being aware of sensations and emotions, of feeling pain and suffering, and of experiencing a state of well-being. The SPCA believes that our behaviour towards animals should be guided by this knowledge and animals must, at the very least, be protected from unnecessary suffering.

About Farm Animals Welfare

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