Knowing & Understanding Dogs

Dogs are lovely, and we adore them, but do we know how to take good care of our four-legged friends? This course will study dogs’ behaviour and body language and debunk all the dog care and training myths. We will also answer your questions and help you become the best owner your dog deserves. 

The course will cover : 

  • Understanding dogs, their behaviour and body language
  • Practical skills to create a comfortable living environment for dogs, and incorporate training, exercising, interactive games and rest days into your dog’s regular routine
  • Help your dog transition to its new home
  • Tips to help a cat and a dog get along
  • Basic grooming tips

Fee : 

HK$480 (Members)

HK$580 (Non-Members)

*All proceeds from our courses will support the animal welfare initiatives at the SPCA. 

*A certificate will be presented to each participant upon completion.

Please watch this space for details of the next training course and for any enquiries, please contact us on 2232 5574 or via