Lost Pet- What to do?

Losing a pet is a very distressing experience for both animal and owner but each month the SPCA is able to reunite about 25 animals.
Below are some resources to help you not only trace your lost pet but also some precautions pet owners can take to prevent losing a much-loved companion.

Lost and Found

Preventing Loss

As responsible owners, there are a number of steps we can take to prevent pets getting lost or increasing the chances of being reunited with then. Here are some hints and tips ...

Lost? Steps to Take

If your pet is lost, here is what you need to do ...

SPCA Lost and Found website

If you have lost a pet, please use our searchable database.

How SPCA assesses lost claims

When we find a lost pet, our goal is to reunite owner and animal as quickly as possible. This is done most easily if the pet has permanent identification such as a microchip. If it doesn’t then we use assessment criteria to make sure pets are ...

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