Canine First Aid

canine first aid

Narrated in Cantonese

This course offers a comprehensive and highly informative overview of common medical and surgical emergencies that dog owners may encounter. We will provide advice to help recognise symptoms and the actions needed to give your pet the best chance of a positive outcome in the first few moments after an emergency situation has begun.

Time will also be dedicated to looking at ways to prevent, or reduce the chances of, emergencies taking place but the majority of the talk will cover what to do, or not do, when they arise.

The sessions cover:

  • Heatstroke: how to avoid it, recognise it and deal with it;
  • Snake bites: a Hong Kong hazard!
  • Dog fights: they can often be prevented but what if they happen?
  • Gastric bloat (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus): immediate recognition and prompt treatment is essential for survival; and
  • Poisonings: did you know everyday items like chocolate, garlic and avocado can poison your dog?

In addition to the lecture itself, every attendee will receive their own copy of our invaluable reference guide, the A-Z of First Aid, as well as a First Aid Kit valued at HK$300 and a personalised certificate.

Fees are HK$1,200 per person for Members and HK$1,500 for all others. All proceeds from this and all of our training courses help support our animal welfare initiatives

*A certificate will be presented to each participant upon completion.

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Course Instructor

Dr. Jane Gray

Dr. Jane Gray

Deputy Director (Veterinary Services)/Chief Veterinary Surgeon


Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc), University of Liverpool & Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS), UK
Post Graduate Certificate (Small Animal Surgery), Sydney University, Australia.
Post Graduate Diploma (Dist) (International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law), University of Edinburgh, UK.