The SPCA Cinderella Vet Medical Fund

Cinderella Vet Medical Fund

Like Cinderella, we believe that all animals, regardless of their status, should be loved and cared for. At the SPCA, our mission is to protect animals’ health and welfare to ensure that they receive the proper medical assistance needed.

The SPCA’s Cinderella Vet Medical Fund provides support for homeless animals facing sudden and critical medical needs. These needs are often complex and require a sizeable cost. The fund also supports sick or injured animals whose owners cannot afford the necessary medical expenses.

Upon successful applications, animals in need will be provided with emergency surgery, medical examination and treatments. Over the years, we have made a significant impact by assisting numerous animals in dire need of medical assistance through this programme.

Funding has largely been provided by public donors. Your donation will play a crucial role in transforming the lives of animals by giving them the urgent medical care they desperately need.

“Cinderella” Real Case No.1

Pei Pei (1 YO Mongrel)

On the evening of 6 June 2023, a stray dog named Pei Pei was found staggering with a bleeding leg near Kam Sheung Road MTR station. Our inspectors took Pei Pei back to the SPCA Centre for a medical examination. Our vet found that he had a severe femur fracture likely caused by a high-impact collision, such as a car crash. Immediate surgery was required to treat Pei Pei’s injury. Otherwise, amputation would be inevitable.

With the support of the Cinderella Vet Medical Fund, we covered Pei Pei’s surgical expenses and provided him with the much-needed medical treatments. Although Pei Pei was on his own without the care of an owner, we believed he equally deserved the medical care all animals needed.

Pei Pei quickly recovered in just two weeks after the surgery. The fund also covered the cost of his physiotherapy training and an orthopedic operation to treat trichiasis in his left eye in the following months. After the operation, Pei Pei’s eye is no longer watery and irritated. The quality of his life has hugely improved and he can now see clearly and comfortably.

Currently, Pei Pei (PN550718) is working hard with our trainers at the Tsing Yi Centre. His only wish is to find a forever home. Would you be the one to make his wish come true?

“Cinderella” Real Case No.2

Pigeon (1 YO Sphynx)

At noon on 4 April 2023, a hairless cat suddenly fell from a 20-storey high terrace in Tin Shui Wai. Fortunately, she fell into the bushes with her left leg stuck between branches and survived. However, this “flying cat” suffered from fractures and had to undergo urgent surgery to regain her mobility.

The owner told us the name of the “flying cat” was Pigeon. But he decided to abandon Pigeon once he found out he was responsible for her surgical cost.

Luckily, with the help of the Cinderella Vet Medical Fund, we could cover Pigeon’s medical cost in full and immediately arrange for her much-needed surgery. After the operation, Pigeon returned to her energetic, happy self and found a new owner at the SPCA.

“Flying cat” is one of the most common types of accidents that our inspectors handle. We would like to remind cat owners to install cat nets to cover your windows for your pets’ safety.


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