(In alphabetical order by last name)

Mr. Nick Debnam

Apart from being a Trustee of the SPCA, I am also delighted to support the organisation’s financial development and oversight as the Honorary Treasurer. I hope to bring to both roles decades’ worth of experience as an audit partner at KPMG.

I came to live in Hong Kong in 1990 and have seen first-hand the role the SPCA plays. I am a huge advocate of the Society and delighted to play my part in its continued development.

I have two rescue dogs, one from the SPCA and the other we rescued as a puppy from the street.

Ms. Joanna Eades

Apart from being a Trustee of the SPCA, I am also the Chair of the Executive Committee. I am excited to support the SPCA by giving my time and the expertise gained from more than 25 years as a lawyer. I’m also looking forward to applying the knowledge from a recently completed Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma that has given me insight into best practices for NGO governance and management.

I am committed to ensuring that the Executive Committee provides the advice and guidance required by the Executive Director and the management team to help them deliver our strategic goals as this amazing organisation embarks on its next 100 years in its vital role in Hong Kong.

Being a lifelong dog owner, I currently have two much-loved, rescued “tong-gau” whose poisoning and various illnesses have meant spending more time at the SPCA than I would have wished. The experience vividly demonstrated the excellence of the SPCA’s veterinary staff. I fervently support the work our incredible staff do for our members and the animals of Hong Kong.

Ms. Gigi Fu

I have been both a President and Trustee of the SPCA since 2004 but have supported the organisation through charity events since 1995, working in a hands-on fundraising capacity since 2000. Both of my current dogs as well as my beloved Man man – who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge – were adopted from SPCA. Man man was adopted in 2015 and became a “Dr. Dog” visiting elderly homes, hospitals and universities. It is a great honour for me to assist SPCA to achieve its goals.

Mr. Tim Hamlett

I have been a trustee since 2004. I was a journalist in England working for, among others, Whippet News, when I was recruited by The Standard in 1980. I have lived in Hong Kong ever since, and was for many years a professor in Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Journalism. My dog is a large mixed breed called Lemon.

Mr. Kim J McCoy

I am a dual-qualified barrister (Hong Kong and New Zealand) and practice in both the criminal and civil courts. I specialise in animal law and I am the Director and Founder of the Hong Kong Animal Law and Protection Organisation (HKALPO) which seeks to inspire and encourage more Hong Kong legal professionals to be the voice of animals in Court. I am an advocate in all legal matters relating to animals and often provide educational talks on animal law and welfare to students, lawyers and other interested members of society. Through my role as a Trustee for the SPCA, I hope I can be part of creating a better world for all species of animals in Hong Kong.

Mrs. Lucy Wong

I started my voluntary work for the SPCA in January 2000 and became a Trustee in 2003. In 2001, I created the Foster Parent Programme and have been coming in every day to lead the programme for more than 20 years on a voluntary basis, working with our roster of 4,000 foster parents. I am also involved in the Development Committee, helping the animals I love in any way I can. I currently have one dog and two cats, one of which was adopted from the SPCA with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) but we saved her and she lives happily with our family.

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