Education Activities

Education Activities

Education Talks & Tours

SPCA believes education is an important means of cultivating an individual’s respect for life and love of animals, thereby the Education Talks educate participants regarding the needs and feelings of animals and arouse public awareness on animal welfare issues.

Life Education Talk: Embrace the Symphony of Life

These days it seems that society faces a lot of difficulties and stress, and that teenagers in particular look at challenges with a narrow vision or even chose to ignore them completely.

Animal Care Badge for Cub Scout and Scout

The Animal Care Badge for Scouts and Cub Scouts was launched in 2009 as a joint project between the SPCA and the Scout Association of Hong Kong.

Need help with a project?

The SPCA welcomes every opportunity to engage with our student communities because it is our belief that children who experience our work with animals gain greater compassion for all living creatures ...

Other resources

Pet Care Colouring Sheets

What better way to learn about pet care than doing some fun colouring? We have a range of age-appropriate sheets for children to colour in and learn about animal care as they go ...


Learn about animals in a fun way!

Humane Education Package

We have created a package of easy-to-use lesson plans and activities for teachers that foster respect for animals, and both personal and social growth for children.