Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The SPCA is a registered charity, run by its members through an Executive Committee. Officials serving on this group are:

Ms. Joanna Eades, Chair

In my newly-appointed role as Chair, I am excited to support the SPCA by giving my time, and the expertise gained from more than 25 years as a lawyer. I’m also looking forward to applying the knowledge from a recently-completed Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma that has given me insight to best practices for the governance and management of NGOs.

I am committed to ensuring that the Executive Committee provides the advice and guidance required by the Executive Director and the management team to help them deliver our strategic goals as this amazing organisation embarks on its next 100 years in its vital role in Hong Kong.

Being a lifelong dog owner, I currently have two much-loved, rescued “tong-gau” whose poisoning and various illnesses have meant spending more time at the SPCA than I would have wished. The experience vividly demonstrated the excellence of the SPCA’s veterinary staff, the care they provide and the services we offer. I am a fervent supporter of the work our incredible staff do for our members and for the animals of Hong Kong.

Mr. Nick Debnam, Honorary Treasurer

I am delighted to support the SPCA in its financial development and oversight. In my role as Honorary Treasurer, I also sit on the Board of Trustees for the Society and bring to both roles decades’ worth of experience as an audit partner at KPMG.

I came to live in Hong Kong in 1990 and have seen first-hand the role the SPCA plays. I am a huge advocate of the Society, and I am delighted to play my part in its continued development.

I have two rescue dogs, one of which came from the SPCA and the other we rescued as a puppy from the street.

Ms. Amanda Whitfort, Honorary Secretary

I am a law professor teaching Hong Kong’s only Animal Law course. I am also a barrister advising the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Department of Justice on animal related matters, including welfare. My research and knowledge exchange in animal-related laws have resulted in legislative and policy changes for Hong Kong including the legislation which outlawed puppy mills and the new animal welfare law to be introduced by AFCD soon.

I am married to a conservation ecologist and have two rescued dogs from the SPCA.

(In alphabetical order by last name)

Mr. John Barnes, Committee Member

I am an animal lover and I am delighted to play an active part in the SPCA, supporting its development as a protagonist for animal welfare.

My professional career began in hospitality where I held senior management positions in the hotel and property development sectors in Hong Kong. I then moved into manufacturing and I am now involved in property and telecommunications investments and developments in Myanmar .

Ms. Vanessa Barrs, Committee Member

I am the BOCHK Chair Professor of Veterinary Medicine at the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (JCC), Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences of City University of Hong Kong – Hong Kong’s first and only veterinary school. I am also a specialist in feline medicine and worked for many years in Australia at the University of Sydney’s Valentine Charlton Cat Centre.

I love all animals, big and small, and I am a passionate advocate for educating pet-owners about preventive health. I look forward to sharing my veterinary expertise to advance the health and welfare of animals in Hong Kong through the excellent initiatives of the SPCA.

I have two adopted cats: Joey, a Siamese from Australia, and Ginger Roger, adopted in Hong Kong from the SPCA’s Wanchai Centre.

Mr. Nathaniel Y. Chan, Committee Member

Having both volunteered with, and donated to, urban wildlife centres and animal sanctuaries in Canada as well as the United Kingdom for many years, I am delighted to further my love of animals and now serve on the Executive Committee of SPCA (Hong Kong).

Currently, I work in the higher education sector as Assistant Director of Development & Alumni Relations at a leading university. Prior to this, I have worked across both the corporate and nonprofit sectors since moving to Hong Kong and have had roles as the Director of Sustainability for a local hotel group, Programme Manager at an international NGO, and Communications Manager at a global education prize. I am looking forward to contributing my experience and knowledge in the areas of philanthropy cultivation, donor engagement, and digital fundraising to support the SPCA.”

Back in my hometown of Toronto, I used to have a beloved pet budgie and I fully expect that, working with the SPCA, my wife and I will quickly fall in love with our next adopted pet very soon.

Ms. Cherry Chau, Committee Member

I have more than 12 years’ experience in corporate HR roles where I have led organisational and cultural transformations, directed HR strategies to support business goals and driven employee engagement.

I hope to apply these skills to the SPCA, bringing positive changes to help inspire and motivate the wonderful staff who work tirelessly on behalf of animals in need.

I grew up with animals in Canada and after relocating to Hong Kong in 2013, fostered many animals and adopted three dogs rescued from puppy mills.

Mr. Baldwin Cheng, Committee Member

I grew up in Hong Kong and Australia and trained as a finance lawyer in Hong Kong, London and Beijing.

For the past 15 years, I have served as a partner in a global law firm where I have taken on some management responsibilities. Although this is my first experience as an active part in the governance of an NGO, I have recently completed the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma and I am keen on supporting SPCA’s growth and contributing to the welfare of animals in Hong Kong.

We are a pet-loving family that enjoys spending time with our family dog called Winston (aka Wizzy) and one of my three kids dreams of becoming a vet one day.

Mr. Mathew Gollop, Committee Member

With my extensive networks and board experience, I look forward to supporting the SPCA as it grows its talent pool, expands fundraising connections, and strengthens board engagement.

I have been in the recruitment industry since 1997 and in Hong Kong since 2001 where I run ConnectedGroup – a 50+ employee recruitment and search business. We have developed a social impact strategy to support charities with reduced fee recruitment and launched www.recruit4good.com as a free job advertising platform for the not-for-profit community.

I am an animal welfare advocate and love animals having spent time growing up on my grandparent’s farm. My family includes four rescued dogs and six rescued cats.

Mr. Robert Morris, Committee Member

I was Honorary Treasurer of the SPCA from 2003 to 2017 and during my tenure helped build a solid financial platform that has allowed the Society to withstand the tumultuous economic impact of the last few years. I am delighted to continue serving on the Finance sub-committee during this period of global uncertainty which will require the SPCA to navigate through operational and financial risks.

I arrived in Hong Kong in 1983 specialising in investigative accounting, litigation support and corporate restructuring, first with HSBC and then as a Partner in Ernst & Young. I retired in 2014 and moved to Malaysia.

I am still active on animal welfare issues and I am on the committee of SPCA Selangor. I am married with two grown-up children and am joined by three, locally-rescued cats.

Ms. Jennifer Van Dale, Committee Member

Hong Kong has been my home since 1991, and I have worked with the SPCA in various capacities since the mid-1990s. The SPCA is the leading animal welfare organisation in Hong Kong and I hope to contribute to its continued growth and success.

I studied law at the University of Hong Kong and was a solicitor specialising in employment cases for 25 years. I recently retired and look forward being able to devote more time to the SPCA in whatever way I can contribute.

I have lived with animals all my life, including dogs, cats, horses, turtles and fish. I currently share my home with two dogs adopted from the SPCA.

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Executive Committee

The SPCA is a registered charity, run by its members through an Executive Committee. Below please see a listing of our current officials...



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