Training Courses for Licensed Dog Breeders, Traders and Staff (Cap 139b)


The SPCA was appointed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to deliver training courses to licensed dog breeders, traders and their staff as required under the Cap 139B regulations.
These training courses are designed to improve animal health, care and welfare. We are planning to re-launch the courses in Q1 of 2024 and the dates and time will be announced at a later stage. Please complete the contact form if you are interested in joining. 

Depending on your engagement in the dog breeding and trade industry, you can enrol in one of the following courses:

Course 1

DBLA licensees

DBLB Licensees, Managers, Supervisors

Modules 1-16

[24 hours]

Course 2 ATL Licensees, Managers, Supervisors

Modules 1-8

[12 hours]

Course 3 Supervised staff

Modules 1-8

[12 hours]

Course Dates

To be announced


Online Enrolment

  1. Once you have successfully enrolled, you will receive an online instruction payment notice
  2. Once your online payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation


  1. Classes time to be announced.
  2. Please arrive at the classroom 15 minutes before the class begins.
  3. Student registrations are done at the start of the class, after recess and after lunch. The SPCA will validate attendance by checking your identity with your ID card. (Please note: according to the AFCD’s guidelines, ID cards are provided on a voluntary basis. However if the attendee is reluctant to show their ID Card for verification purposes they will not be allowed to sit the examination and an attendance certificate will not be awarded).
  4. Attendees must remain quiet in class.
  5. The use of mobile phones, paging devices and gaming devices, as well as smoking, eating, drinking, gambling, fighting and/or the use of foul language are prohibited in class. Sound recording, video or photography are also not allowed.
  6. If registration is delayed due to the number of attendees, SPCA will conduct registration while the speaker delivers the lecture. Students should place their ID card on their desk for this purpose.
  7. Any late arrivals, early departures or those away from the classroom for more than 45 minutes in a day will be considered absent.
  8. There will be an IN/OUT record form placed at the entrance to the classroom. Attendees who need to leave and/or re-enter the room need to register their name and IN/OUT time accordingly.
  9. The SPCA will submit the attendance record to AFCD.
  10. No suspension request or a request to change to other modules will be entertained.
  11. If a student falls sick and is not able to attend the class, they must contact the SPCA before the class begins, and submit an original copy of a medical certificate issued by a doctor within seven working days. Failure to do so will result in the student being considered absent and they will need to pay and re-sit the class.
  12. Attendees will need to complete all modules and sit the examination within 12 months of attending the first module. Failure to do so will be considered a discontinuation, and fees will not be refunded.
  13. Each attendee will be presented with a Course Handbook. In the case of loss of the handbook, students will need to pay  for a new one.
  14. The SPCA holds the copyright of the Course Handbook content. Duplication of its content is prohibited.

Guidelines for Adverse Weather

  1. If the typhoon signal No. 8 or higher or Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered before 6:30am, all courses on that day will commence as normal.
  2. If the typhoon signal No. 8 or higher or Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered before 2pm, all attendees need to arrive at the SPCA within 2 hours to attend classes.
  3. If the typhoon signal No. 8 or higher or Black Rainstorm Warning is still hoisted at 2pm, all classes on that day will be rescheduled.
  4. If typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted during the class, all attendees will be dismissed immediately.
  5. If Black Rainstorm Warning is in force during the class, everyone shall remain inside.

All attendees need to follow all of the above regulations. If students fail to do so, the SPCA reserves the right to issue a warning which may lead to termination of their Cap 139B Training.

Course details

Training courses are divided into 16 modules; for full details of the course syllabus please click here.

  1. Legislation relating to dogs in Hong Kong.
  2. Animal welfare and ethics of the pet trade.
  3. Basic requirements of dogs.
  4. Hygiene.
  5. Basic healthcare.
  6. First aid.
  7. Grooming.
  8. Handling and Basic Training.
  9. Genetics
  10. Mating.
  11. Whelping.
  12. Care of neonates.
  13. Socialisation of puppies.
  14. Infectious disease and disease control.
  15. Preventative care.
  16. Dog breeds.

Students completing all of the modules are eligible to sit an exam. The pass rate is 76% for course three (supervised staff) and 77% for courses one and two (all other roles). Those who pass will received a certificate to recognise their achievement.

Training location to be announced.

There will be opportunities for both practical demonstrations and student participation, for example in the sessions on first aid, dog handling and grooming.

To be announced.

For enquiries, please contact 2232 5574 or via