Foster Enquiries

Foster Parent Enquiries

Our Foster Parent Programme marries caring humans with young animals that need a helping hand. The animals – which tend to include kittens and puppies but sometimes other animals in need of special care – live with their foster parents in a stress-free home enviroment until they are physically strong for adoption.

Foster Parent Programme

2232 5524

Volunteer Enquiries

Dedicated volunteers have helped the SPCA for many years. This has helped us to become Hong Kong’s most successful animal welfare organisation.
When you join our volunteer team you’ll find lots of fun and challenging ways to help.
We need you!

Specific Enquiries

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Animal Welfare Emergencies

Should you spot any animals at risk or in need of our out of hours veterinary emergency services, please call our emergency hotline 2711 1000.

Foster enquiries

The SPCA Foster Parent Programme helps young animals in need of special care, such as those recovering from serious sickness or surgery. They will benefit from living with foster parents in a stress-free home environment during their recovery until they are ready for adoption.

Careers at SPCA

The SPCA is one of Asia's leading animal welfare organisation. We are now looking for animal-lover with talents and passion to help promote animal welfare, prevent animal cruelty and promote humane education in Hong Kong. If you aspire to contribute your skills to help the less fortunate animals to get a chance for a better tomorrow, please send us your resume now.

SPCA Centres

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Media Relations

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