Pet Care+ Training Course

Pet Care+ Training Course

Pet Care+ is a comprehensive training course for pet owners who are seeking professional and in-depth knowledge on how to care for their beloved pets at all stages – from juvenile to senior – and in all aspects – from nutrition to first aid – of their lives. Each session is taught by a qualified SPCA expert in person and homes in on a single subject. Pet owners can expect to leave with the knowledge and skills needed to meet their pets’ needs in the best way possible.

Date Pet Care Course Time Lang. Venue Fee $(Member) Fee $(Non-Member)
18 May 2024 (Sat) Canine First Aid *1000-1700 Cantonese Tsing Yi Centre (38 Cheung Fai Road) 1200 1500
25 May 2024 (Sat) Basic Pet Nutrition 1000-1200 English Tsing Yi Centre (38 Cheung Fai Road) 450 550

*Registration starts at 09:45

Date Pet Care Course Time Lang. Venue Fee $(Member) Fee $(Non-Member)
9 Mar 2024 (Sat) Canine First Aid *1000-1700 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 1200 1500
16 Mar 2024 (Sat) Cat Grooming 1030-1200 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 300 400
16 Mar 2024 (Sat) Cat Care for Owners 1300-1430 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 400 500
16 Mar 2024 (Sat) Geriatric Cat Care 1500-1700 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 450 550

*Registration starts at 09:45

Date Pet Care Course Time Lang. Venue Fee $(Member) Fee $(Non-Member)
14-Oct (Sat) Canine First Aid 1000-1700 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 1200 1500
17-Oct (Tue) Dog Grooming 1030-1200 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 300 400
25-Nov (Sat) Geriatric Cat Care 1300-1500 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 450 550
25-Nov (Sat) Geriatric Dog Care 1515-1715 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 450 550
5-Dec (Tue) Cat Grooming 1500-1630 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 300 400
9-Dec (Sat) Canine First Aid 1000-1700 English HK Centre (HQ) 1200 1500
16-Dec (Sat) Dog Grooming 1030-1200 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 300 400
16-Dec (Sat) Knowing & Understanding Dog 1300-1530 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 480 580
16-Dec (Sat) Basic Pet Nutrition 1545-1745 Cantonese HK Centre (HQ) 450 550

For enquiries, please contact us on 2232 5574 or email

canine first aid

Canine First Aid

This course offers a comprehensive and highly informative overview of common medical and surgical emergencies that dog owners may encounter. We will provide advice to help recognise symptoms and the actions needed to give your pet the best chance of a positive outcome in the first few moments after an emergency situation has begun.


Basic Pet Nutrition

You are what you eat. Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good health for animals as well as humans. Are you sure your beloved pet is getting all the essential nutrition it needs? Join this two-hour course and find out.


Cat Care for Owners

To many, cats seems to be fussy and complex animals. However, it is this mysteriousness that draws people into the world of cats.

Knowing & Understanding Dogs

Dogs are lovely, and we adore them, but do we know how to take good care of our four-legged friends? This course will study dogs’ behaviour and body language and debunk all the dog care and training myths. We will also answer your questions and help you become the best owner your dog deserves. 

Geriatric Cat Care

As cats enter their senior years  (i.e. seven years or older), like humans, they will slow down and become more prone to age-related ailments . They may also suffer from painful joints and may not be able to jump or groom themselves like they used to. Kidney and thyroid disease are also common and may result in overweight issues. Dental problems may affect their appetite; hence the cats will start to lose weight as they age.

older pet care seminar

Geriatric Dog Care

As with older humans, pets can develop a variety of problems associated with old age. The onset of arthritis may make them less active or less able to groom themselves; their drinking and eating habits may change due to dental, renal or thyroid diseases; and they may either gain or lose weight!

cat grooming seminar

Cat Grooming

Grooming cats can be tricky, even for the most experienced owners and the most easy-going pets! In this seminar, we’ll share basic tips and explain the importance of grooming. We’ll even have a cat on hand to illustrate clearly the “do’s” and “don’ts”.

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Does it feel a bit like you are entering a warzone as soon as you start showering your dog and cutting their nails? Sometimes even the most experienced owners are overwhelmed when grooming well-behaved pets. In this course, the SPCA groomer will teach you all of the basic dog-grooming skills you need to know and share tips to help you advance your skills as you practise at home. Whether you are a novice or an experienced owner looking to improve your grooming skills, this course will not disappoint you.

dog care for helpers

Helpers Canine Care (ENG Only)

Helpers play a large and significant part in the life of Hong Kong and are important care givers for many pets. This course is designed specifically to provide helpers with the information needed for them to play their part in looking after our canine friends.


Training Courses for Licensed Dog Breeders, Traders and Staff (Cap 139b)

The SPCA was appointed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to deliver training courses to licensed dog breeders, traders and their staff as required under the Cap 139B regulations.
These training courses are designed to improve animal health, care and welfare. We are planning to re-launch the courses in Q1 of 2024 and the dates and time will be announced at a later stage. Please complete the contact form if you are interested in joining.