Geriatric Dog Care

older pet care seminar

As with older humans, dogs can develop a variety of problems associated with old age. The onset of arthritis may make them less active or less able to groom themselves; their drinking and eating habits may change due to dental, renal or thyroid diseases; and they may either gain or lose weight!

It is essential for owners to treat their aging dogs with special care and provide a suitable and loving environment for them to enjoy life to the full. Many of the problems they may encounter can be alleviated or their progression slowed if the issues are identified early and treated with special diets and medications.

This two-hour course will cover a range of topics including senior dog nutrition, comfort, behaviour and the common medical problems they face such as stiffness, loss of muscle mass and organ failure e.g. kidney disease.

We run separate sessions covering both older cat and dog care. Fees are HK$450 per person for Members and HK$550 for all others. All proceeds from this and all of our training courses help support our animal welfare initiatives

*A certificate will be presented to each participant upon completion.

Please watch this space for details of the next training course and for any enquiries, please contact us on 2232 5574 or via

Course Instructor

Dr. Jeffrey Chu

Senior Veterinary Surgeon


Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc), University of Sydney, Australia.