Maggie Young

Maggie Young

Vet Nurse Supervisor – Hong Kong Clinic and Hospital


Qualified Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Animal Industries Resource Center, Australia
Certificate II in Animal Studies, Animal Industries Resource Centre, Australia
Associate Degree in Translation and Interpretation, City University of Hong Kong


Starting as a receptionist at the SPCA in 2005, I was completely green in the veterinary field with a very limited knowledge regarding animals. One of the greatest advantages of working at the SPCA is that I have been given lots of opportunity to strengthen my knowledge in different aspects related to animal health care in my everyday job. Being encouraged and supported by the Society, I am studying and have completed certain courses and obtained professional qualifications from the AIRC.
I enjoy working with SPCA vets from all over the world, it helps to refresh my knowledge, and allows me to continuously learn and improve my skills. Treatment and nursing techniques are always changing and improving, learning and implementing new ideas helps me provide better care to my patients


A rabbit called “Jaunty” he was adopted from the SPCA on 1/5/2015.


Watching movies both action and science fiction.