The SPCA Presents "Dog Adoption Date" to Help the "Unseen” Find Their Forever Homes

Encourages “Adopt, Don’t Shop” in Celebration of International Dog Day

(Hong Kong, 11 August 2023) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) (“the SPCA,” “the Society”) is delighted to announce the upcoming “Dog Adoption Date” event, scheduled to take place on 26 August, 2023 (Saturday), in celebration of the International Dog Day. This adoption event aims to connect our rescue dogs with their potential forever human partners. In addition to the animals at the SPCA's adoption centres, the event will be joined by a number of adorable "unseen" dogs - mongrels that are ready for adoption but currently still in foster care or other areas not accessible by visitors due to the lack of kennels across our adoption centres.

Currently, all three of the SPCA's adoption centers have reached full capacity, yet the adoption rate has hit the rock bottom over the past few months. While 23 dogs found their forever homes in December of last year, the adoption number decreased to just 12 dogs in July and a mere 8 dogs in May. Regrettably, there are now over 100 dogs eagerly searching for loving families or soon to be available for adoption.

International Dog Day was established with the purpose of raising awareness of the rescue and support of abused and stray dogs. As we celebrate this special day, the SPCA urges the public to extend their attention towards these deserving rescue pups and consider providing them with a forever home.

The "Dog Adoption Date" will feature dogs who are patiently waiting for an appearance at their foster families or other non-public areas in the centres, such as kennels in the SPCA’s boarding service and clinics, due to the lack of kennels across our adoption centres. This event will allow them to meet with dog lovers in person, so they no longer remain "unseen" and have the opportunity to find their forever homes earlier. While mongrels are equally adorable, they often do not receive as much attention as purebred pups, resulting in fewer chances of finding a loving home. Through this event, the public can get to know the charm of mongrels firsthand – they can be just as loving and loyal as any other breed.

The SPCA extends a warm invitation to all dog lovers who are seeking their forever canine companions to join the event and support “Adopt, Don't Shop"!

"Dog Adoption Date" Event Details

Date: 26 August (Saturday)

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Location: SPCA Wanchai Centre (5 Wan Shing Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

RSVP: Free admission, no RSVP is required

Snapshot of some “unseen” dogs:
Name: Joe
PN: 542620
Age: 8 MO
Sex: M
Personality: Affectionate, good with kids
What’s special: Loves chilling with kids while watching a movie or gaming.

Name: Fatty
PN: 548358
Age: 4 MO
Sex: F
Personality: Smart, likes showing off and get praised
What’s special: Her foster family said she can understand what people think, so there’s no fooling her!

Name: Nico
PN: 549355
Age: 4 MO
Sex: M
Personality: Smart and adventurous
What’s special: Loves to play with water especially when it is a hot day and would make a good companion for walks and hikes.

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