The SPCA Presents “Dog Adoption Date” on Double 11 

Encouraging Mongrel Adoption and Spreading Love on Singles’ Day

(Hong Kong, 31 October 2023) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) (“the SPCA,” “the Society”) is pleased to announce the upcoming “Dog Adoption Date” event on 11 November 2023 (Saturday). The SPCA invites dog lovers to visit the SPCA Hong Kong Centre and meet the mongrels longing for a home. This event provides participants with the opportunity to engage in one-on-one interaction with the adoptable dogs and find a lifelong companion together on Singles' Day. 

Businesses often celebrate Singles' Day on 11 November by offering customers enticing shopping deals. However, the SPCA believes there are more meaningful ways to celebrate this special day, specifically by promoting the message "Adopt, Don't Shop." Each adoption saves two lives. Not only does it bring joy and companionship into a person's life, but whenever an animal finds a new home through our adoption centres, their place is also vacated for another animal in need to take their turn. 

In Hong Kong, animal abandonment or mistreatment is not uncommon, and it is the role of organisations like the SPCA to provide these unfortunate animals shelter and care. However, with the adoption rate remaining low post-pandemic, all three dog kennels run by the SPCA have reached full capacity. Currently, there are over a hundred animals under the care of the organisation that deserve a forever home. In addition to the dogs that are already at the adoption centres and welcome public visits, due to the lack of kennels across the SPCA adoption centres, a considerable number of dogs are forced to stay in foster care or other areas not accessible by visitors. These "unseen” dogs have a lower chance of being adopted due to their limited visibility to the public. 

Through the Dog Adoption Date event, the SPCA aims to encourage participants to interact with these loveable mongrels, understand from the SPCA staff the unique traits of each rescue dog, and match with their perfect companion. The SPCA aspires to transform the symbol of loneliness associated with Singles' Day into a festival filled with love and companionship.  

The SPCA extends a warm invitation to all dog lovers to join the event and meet mongrels of different ages, backgrounds and characteristics, in hopes of finding their “perfect match”. 

"Dog Adoption Date" Event Details

Date: 11 November (Saturday)  

Time: 2:30 pm to 4:30pm

Location: SPCA Wanchai Centre (5 Wan Shing Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

RSVP: Free admission, no RSVP is required

Snapshot of some “unseen” dogs:
Name: Hak Dau 
PN: 542721   
Age: 1 YR 
Sex: M 
Personality: Shy, affectionate, food-motivated 
What’s special: He enjoys me-time and is a fan of playing games in the sunshine! 

Name: Martin 
PN: 542967 
Age: 10 MO 
Sex: M 
Personality: Shy, introverted, food-motivated 
What’s special: Rather shy and food-driven, which means he is easy to train, and eager to please! 

Name: Finley 
PN: 554768 
Age: 3 MO 
Sex: M
Personality: Obedient, active 
What’s special: Cuteness overload! SPCA staff can't resist pausing their work to pet him! 

Name: MinMin 
PN: 540812 
Age: 1 YR 1 MO 
Sex: F 
Personality: Friendly, shy, quiet  
What’s special: With her long legs and big ears - everyone says she looks like roe deer in Nara 

Name: Huggy 
PN: 548360 
Age: 6 MO 
Sex: F​ 
Personality: Curious, food-driven 
What’s special: She loves going out for walks and spending time with calm dogs. 

Name: Enzo 
PN: 542096 
Age: 1 YR 
Sex: M 
Personality: Quiet, loves dogs, independent  
What’s special: He may appear shy at first, but he can be incredibly energetic and playful when interacting with other dogs! 

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