The SPCA Presents “Bring Your Dog to Work”

Promoting a dog-friendly workplace culture throughout Hong Kong

(Hong Kong, 21 September 2023) To advocate a dog-friendly office culture, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) (“The SPCA”) is pioneering the “Bring Your Dog to Work” initiative in October. The new initiative aims to encourage more companies to embrace the presence of dogs in the workplace.

Many dog owners share the dream of being able to bring their beloved pets to work, but the positive impact of pet-friendly offices is enjoyed by both dog-owning and non-dog-owning employees. A survey by LiveCareer* revealed that 76% of employees agreed that having pets in the workplace was a positive experience; over 50% of the employees appreciated the increased interaction with coworkers; 33% found the environment more relaxing; and 28% reported a reduction in stress. Recognising the numerous benefits associated with dog-friendly offices, the SPCA is launching the “Bring Your Dog to Work” initiative to bring Hong Kong a step closer to becoming a pet-inclusive society through education while raising funds for animal welfare.

A series of support to corporates to implement the initiative

The SPCA has developed a comprehensive service to assist companies in implementing this initiative within their workplace starting in October. This includes site audits, tutorials and dog training classes. For those who want to take the whole experience to the next level, the SPCA offers event support, workshops and pet-friendly marketplaces as well. Whether it is a company's first pilot event or an immersive employee engagement experience, the SPCA provides employers and employees with the necessary knowledge, tools and hands-on support to ensure a smooth implementation of the initiative, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of having dogs at the workplace and companies can cultivate deeper employee engagement.

Information sessions in collaboration with a panel of professionals

To provide initial guidance to interested employers, the SPCA is organising two free information sessions to educate participants on the necessary steps and considerations for implementing a dog-friendly office policy. In these sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from a diverse panel of experts, including HR, wellness expert, dog-friendly employers, insurance experts and animal welfare professionals, on their own experiences and valuable insights into establishing a successful and inclusive dog-friendly workplace.

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*Source: (LiveCareer, November 2021)

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The support from the SPCA to companies for the “Bring Your Dog to Work” initiative includes: 

  • Site Audit 

The SPCA’s welfare team will conduct a site visit in the company’s workplace and provide respective advice ahead of the event.

  • Bring Your Dog to Work Tutorial 

The SPCA will deliver a comprehensive tutorial for “Bring Your Dog to Work”, including key considerations, how to navigate building access challenges, how to prepare the workplace before and during the event, how to prepare the attending dogs, and how to introduce the dogs to each other and other staff.

  • Office Dog Training 

The SPCA’s behavioural and training team will deliver bespoke training for PET-PLOYEES and their owners to be well-prepared for the day.

  • SPCA Event Support 

Staff from the SPCA will be on-site to help with the microchip check-in process for the PET-PLOYEE (dog employees). The SPCA can also bring along rescue puppies for interactions or host dog tug toy-making workshops.

  • Pet-Friendly Employee Engagement Event Day 

Take the whole experience to the next level, the SPCA will help organise a pet marketplace together with PET-A-HOOD and host family and pet-friendly craft workshops on the day.

  • Individual Fundraising 

For each enrolled corporate, employees can create their own donation page to raise funds for the SPCA as part of the Bring Your Dog to Work initiative in aid of animal welfare in Hong Kong.

  • Corporate Matching Donation 

Corporates can opt-in for matching donations from the employees’ individual fundraising as part of the Bring Your Dog to Work initiative in aid of animal welfare in Hong Kong

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