SPCA (HK) Launches “Never Too Old to Love” Website

To Support Pet Owners in Grieves

(Hong Kong, 3 May 2023) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) (“the SPCA,” “the Society”) launches a pet bereavement support website to kick off its “Never Too Old to Love” campaign. The website is amongst the first of its kind to share useful resources and offer a place of solace to help pet owners cope with the trauma of losing, or about to lose their much-loved pets.

Pets have long been bringing companionship and joy to humans and are nowadays seen as crucial members of many families. This makes the death of a companion animal, akin to losing our next of kin, understandably difficult for many to overcome. Studies conducted by psychologists, such as the one by Gerwolls and Labott back in 1994*, showed that the grief experienced with the loss of a pet is comparable in intensity to the loss of a significant human, even 26 weeks after the death.

As the long-standing animal welfare organisation in Hong Kong and the first to deal with all aspects of animal welfare, from veterinary service to community outreach and education, the SPCA has witnessed the need for better support in the city for pet owners facing similar issues, both physically and emotionally. With the generous support of Mr. Lee, who also went through a similar trauma when he lost his furry psychiatrist - a Norwegian Forest cat named Wai-wai, the knowledge-rich “Never Too Old to Love” campaign is born,starting with the rollout of the bereavement support website.

The website features useful articles and answers to common questions developed by veterinarians and counselors to give pet owners instant access to much-needed advice, such as how to move on personally and how to help grieving family members, including children and other pets. A support network is listed if more help isrequired. The website is also home to a digital memorial wall, providing pet owners a place of solace to commemorate the lives of their pets with their nearest and dearest.

In the next phase of the “Never Too Old to Love” campaign, more physical resources will be available to offer all-rounded support. These include structured courses focusing on senior pet care and pet bereavement workshops for group counselling when pets have passed away.

Visit the “Never Too Old to Love” website at https://petloss.spca.org.hk/.

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