SPCA Cat Colony Care Programme Launched for 20 Years

Holding Hong Kong’s First Large-Scale Outdoor ‘Cat Festival’ to

Arouse Public Concern about Animal Welfare

(Hong Kong, 25 October 2020) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) (“SPCA”; “The Society”) launched the city’s first ‘trap, neuter (vaccinate) and return’ programme calling it the ‘Cat Colony Care Programme’ (“The Programme”) 20 years ago, more than 75,000 cats have since been successfully desexed. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this Programme, the Society is holding its first Cat Festival at Lee Tung Street, Wan Chai, to promote the positive bonding between humans and cats in the community. The event is fully sponsored by ProVet, the renowned Wai Yuen Tong’s pet supplement product range developed by Chinese medicine veterinarians, with venue sponsorship by Lee Tung Street, Wan Chai.

The Society hosted an opening ceremony today at Lee Tung Street, officiated by Ms Gigi Fu, President of the SPCA (HK), with sponsors and guests of honour in attendance. Other guests present included Ms Sharon Kwok, SPCA Cadet Inspector Ambassador; Ms Susan Tse, SPCA Ambassador; as well as Ms Vivian Tang, Executive Director of Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings Ltd.

Ms Gigi Fu, expressed the SPCA’s gratitude to all of the supporters, sponsors and participants and remarked in her speech: ‘Since the launch of the “Cat Colony Care Programme” 20 years ago, the Programme has successfully set up more than 1,900 cat colonies in Hong Kong. We hope that the Programme can raise the public’s awareness on welfare of street cats and keep on contributing more to improve the welfare of animals.’ According to the Society’s records, among the cat colonies distributed in Hong Kong island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands; there are 1,750 ‘active’ colonies where cats still live in groups, and 160 where stray street cats are long gone. A small corner of the cat’s ear would be cut off by the veterinarian during the operation as a mark of sterilization. Ear-tipped cats can now be seen in every corner of Hong Kong, living more contented lives.

At this event, Ms Gigi Fu presented a certificate to Ms Vivian Tang, Executive Director of Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings Ltd. for their support to the Programme, also presented at the event was Ms Angie Chung, Senior Promotion Manager, Lee Tung Avenue Management Company Limited, volunteer representative from The Hong Kong Jockey Club, and volunteer carers who have been actively supporting the Programme. Ms Gigi Fu also expressed her gratitude to members of the Cat Colony Care Programme including the Society’s veterinary team, Inspectorate, animal welfare team and support staff, as well as volunteer carers and volunteer assistants composed of more than 1,350 dedicated citizens. The joint effort and contribution attributed to the success of the Programme and create community integration between human and animals.

Ms Sharon Kwok, SPCA Cadet Inspector Ambassador and Ms Susan Tse, SPCA Ambassador shared interesting and loving stories about their pets at the event and also witnessed the official launch of the Cat Festival with the appearance of the giant inflatable cat doll Bobby, who as a stray cat, was injured, rescued, neutered and recovered after the care of the SPCA’s team, reflecting the work and achievement of the Programme.

Hong Kong’s first large-scale outdoor ‘Cat Festival’ to raise public awareness on animal welfare

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ‘Cat Colony Care Programme’ and to arouse more public attention to the development of animal welfare in the community, the Society will hold Hong Kong’s first outdoor ‘Cat Festival’ with fun and educational activities to raise public awareness on animal welfare. The net proceeds and donations received from the event will be used to support the ‘Cat Colony Care Programme’.

CATtention: The venue will feature a giant 5-meter all inflatable cat doll whose shape and design fully represent Hong Kong’s street cats. Adults and children will be welcome to take photos with the giant cat ambassador so to feel the huge positive energy brought on by caring for animals.

Cat Show and Tell: We have recruited cat photos earlier and receive overwhelming response, about 1000 photos have been collected from cat lovers, and will be display during the Cat Festival!

‘Street Cat Hunt’ Game: 10 cute ear-tipped cats will be hidden in every corner of Lee Tung Street for cat lovers to take pictures with, giving participants a taste of what it’s like to wander on the streets like cats and learn more about street cats. And through studying the information about the Programme that is found on nearby display boards, participants will understand more about issue related to community animal.

Sunday Cat-themed Flea Market: On the four Sundays during the event period from 12pm to 6pm, cat lovers can find fashionable products for themselves and their fur-kids at the Sunday Cat-themed Flea Market. Participants can also receive a small exquisite gift by sharing photos of the 10 ear-tipped cats hidden around the market on their social media platforms.

Halloween Cat Party: What’s a better occasion to dress up than the Halloween?Join the Cat-Themed Flea Marketon Halloween from 6pm to 9pm this year and dress up in your favourite ‘kitty’ look to take pictures and share your look of the day to your Facebook page, with the hashtag #SPCAHK for a chance to compete for the best style award, the winner will receive a Giant Cat-themed die cut cushion!

The Society is a non-profit-making organisation and 99% of its funding comes from the generosity of the general public, as well as income generated by our veterinary services and membership department. For quite some time, the SPCA has launched and operated a variety of animal welfare programmes using very limited resources and run with only the support from our volunteers.  SPCA (HK) will soon enter its centennial anniversary. We are building a new education and welfare centre in Tsing Yi to diversify our services and we need your continued support to enable us to carry on the hard work of promoting and providing animal welfare services as well as turning Hong Kong into a caring and inclusive community.

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