SPCA Aniform Day 2020

Create an Animal-Friendly City with the Power of Love and Creativity


(7 September 2020; Hong Kong) As the Hong Kong ambassador for “World Animal Day”, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) (“SPCA(HK)” or “the Society”) has launched the annual “Aniform Day” since 2015 to promote the message of acceptance and harmonious of all living creatures, and to call for people from all walks of life in Hong Kong to work together to create a community where humans and animals are able to live together in harmony.

The 6th Aniform Day hosted by the SPCA this year invited the PR Mascot of fashion brand ad-lib, “P Jai” the Shiba Inu, to become the Aniform Day ambassador, and also invited 20 internationally renowned illustrators, fashion designers and creative units to display their creativity and love. In response to the event, each creator has designed a unique T-shirt to bring out the message of caring for animals through fashion and illustrations. The SPCA will hold a fashion show and T-shirt workshop from 28 September to 4 October at The Forest in the Nike Community Space, so that the public can appreciate the ingenious works of this group of creators, and design their own exclusive T-shirts on the spot to show their love for animals. Also, the SPCA will host the Aniform Marketplace from 19 September to 20 September at D2 Place ONE in The SPACE. Members of the public are welcome to bring their friends, families and furry companions to visit and shop for an array of groceries, pet supplies and handmade products offered by local designers.

Ms. Alice Choi, the Executive Director of the SPCA, said: “We are honoured to invite caring people from different platforms to join hands with the SPCA to promote the concept of harmony between humans and animals. These creators have not forgotten to care for animals during the pandemic and they encourage all citizens to participate in Aniform Day, making everyone at the SPCA feel very inspired. With everyone’s support and participation, we will be able to spread the seeds of love to every corner of society and create an animal-friendly city.”

In order to cultivate children to care for other lives with a loving attitude, and to become stakeholders in promoting social inclusion and mutual respect, the Society holds more than 200 lectures and workshops every year, and is committed to sharing with children the importance of treating animals well and humanely caring for other lives. The Aniform Day organised by the SPCA last year was supported by schools in Hong Kong and more than 3,500 students participated. In response to the pandemic this year, the Society has launched an Aniform Day parent-child T-shirt creative package that facilitates family participation, so that parents and children can also participate in the event while fighting the pandemic at home. The creative pack contains matching family T-Shirts and washable paints, allowing children to express their unlimited creativity on the T-shirt. During the creation process, parents can guide their children to think about the relationship between humans and animals, and how to make society more animal-friendly through their own actions. Each creative pack is accompanied by a certificate of appreciation for encouragement.

Citizens can wear animal-graphic clothing or event-limited products on Aniform Day to become ambassadors of caring for animals, preaching the concept of respecting other lives and building a harmonious society of mutual respect. Citizens who donate to support Aniform Day can receive exquisite event-limited products. A variety of event-limited products will allow different people to mix and match clothing that reflects that personal style at will. Among them, donate a specified amount to receive a limited-edition gift box set, which includes a doll of the event ambassador P Jai the Shiba Inu, P Jai T-shirt, badge, tote bag, dog bandana and other trendy items. In addition, those who donate to purchase a limited-edition gift box set can participate in the lucky draw and have a chance to win the following prizes:

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
  1. The Pawfect Stay (worth HK$4,000)
  2. Summer Meadow Afternoon Tea (worth HK$700)


Chow Tai Fook ART2CHARM 18KGold (White) Two Sapphires Pendant DIY Customisation (worth HK$5,000)


Sens Pet SENS PET Professional Photo Package (worth HK$4,288)


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