Programmes to Support

Animal Sponsorship Programme

The SPCA receives and saves thousands of animals every year. Sustained and stable resources are critical to our work, not only to help us bear the huge expenditure on the accommodation, food and medical rehabilitation of animals, but also to help us to continuously improve the ongoing work of saving animals, so that unfortunate animals are able to receive more timely support.

By making a monthly or one-off donation of HK$100 or more, you will ensure that each animal receives food, veterinary care and the loving attention they deserve while they wait for their forever home.


/ 1 time

Can supply 1 vaccine dose to a rescue animal (Puppy/ Dog/ Kitten / Cat)


/ 1 time

Can provide 1 week’s supply of milk formula to 2 puppies or 3 kittens


/ 1 time

Can provide Intestinal Worm Treatment to 15 puppies/dogs


/ 1 time

Can help us desex 1 dog or cat

Please consider donating to the Animal Sponsorship Programme and play a role in giving more animals a second chance at life.


Established in August 2000, the SPCA’s Cat Colony Care Program (CCCP) mobilises a dedicated army of volunteers who feed and watch over “families” of street cats in Hong Kong. The carers also ensure the cats are brought to the SPCA, where each cat is desexed and given basic veterinary care before being returned to the streets.

In the 23 years since the program began, we have desexed more than 61,000 cats helping reduce the number of stray and feral cats in the city dramatically. It is a wonderful example of ‘Trap, Neuter and Return’ in action.

Your donation will enable us to expand this wonderful program, allowing us to help more cats in our community.


Alongside our work in Hong Kong, we have a multi-dimensional program aimed at improving animal welfare standards on the Mainland.

Our Humane Education pack has been widely distributed to schools and is being used to train teachers on animal welfare topics. We also advise a number of authorities across the country on improving urban animal management and we work closely with public security bureaus.

We also have a long-established knowledge-sharing program with the mainland’s veterinary community through workshops and even visits to our facilities.

Your support will help us continue our work in China, bringing about a new era for animal welfare on the Mainland.

General donations

Our team of Inspectors is on-call 24 hours a day, responding to thousands of tip-offs about suspected cruelty and rescuing hundreds of animals in distress. We rehome more than 2,000 of these animals every year, looking after the rest while they wait for their forever families. We also work hard to combat animal over-population through desexing both pets and street animals.

These activities sit alongside school engagement programs, public opinion campaigns and government lobbying to enact laws that better protect Hong Kong’s animals.

It is only with your support that we can continue our work.

Send an eGift card

Now, you can send an online gift to a friend or family member.

Starting from just HK$50 you can choose a gift to donate to the SPCA from food and bedding for a small animal all the way up to providing the funding to fix a fractured leg.

Once you’ve selected your amount, you can pen a personal message to your friend or loved one and the eCard will then be on its way, bringing them happiness and providing us with the funds we need to continue to look after Hong Kong’s animals.

Cinderella Vet Medical Fund

The Cinderella Vet Medical Fund provides support for homeless animals facing sudden and critical medical needs. These needs are often complex and require a sizeable cost. The fund also supports sick or injured animals whose owners cannot afford the necessary medical expenses.

Over the years, we have made a significant impact by assisting over a thousand animals in dire need of medical assistance through this programme.

Funding has largely been provided by public donors. Your donation will play a crucial role in transforming the lives of animals by giving them the urgent medical care they desperately need.

Inspector Fund

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) only receives 1% of its funds from the Government. The remaining 99% relies on the public’s donations and income generated from its veterinary and membership services. Despite limited resources, the SPCA continues to provide 24-hour animal rescue services free of charge. In 2022-2023, the SPCA rescued 4,658 injured or trapped animals, and the 24-hour animal rescue hotline received 22,274 calls for help or inquiries. The SPCA also actively investigates complaints and cases related to animal cruelty and assists the authorities by handling, treating and caring for a large number of abused animals. After the cases are concluded, efforts are made to find new homes for them.


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Programs to Support

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99% of our funding comes from supporters just like you. Without that help, we simply would not be able to carry on our work.

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Leave a legacy and make a lasting impact on the lives of animals in need.