Animal Ceramic Plate

Animal Ceramic Plate Workshop 

Pottery-making is booming amongst those who'd like to cultivate peace of mind. If you yearn to stay away from your hectic life and immerse yourself in tranquillity and quietness, our "Animal Ceramic Plate Workshop" is just the perfect place for you.​ Co-organised with GOOD EVENING CERAMICS, the workshop will be teaching...

Art Jamming Workshop

“Furrever Missed” Healing Art Workshop

"Furrever Missed" - brought to you by the SPCA's pet bereavement initiative, Never Too Old to Love. We present the first pet bereavement workshop for “World Mental Health Day” which consists of experience sharing, counselling and art jamming for pet owners who have experienced pet loss. Art has long been used...

The SPCA Presents “Dog Adoption Date” to Help the “Unseen” Find Their Forever Homes Encourages “Adopt, Don’t Shop” in Celebration of International Dog Day

The SPCA Presents "Dog Adoption Date" to Help the "Unseen” Find Their Forever Homes Encourages “Adopt, Don’t Shop” in Celebration of International Dog Day (Hong Kong, 11 August 2023) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) (“the SPCA,” “the Society”) is delighted to announce the upcoming “Dog Adoption...

Electronic Pawprint Magazine

All members are entitled to a free subscription of e-Pawprint, the SPCA's newsletter. It highlights the latest trends, work of SPCA and membership activities, as well as current animal welfare issues.

Getting Personal with the “Pet Photo Membership Card”!

Each card just for $100, you can personalize your ordinary membership card as a "Pet Photo Membership Card" and have your furry kid with you everyday. Life-term members enjoy a privileged price to order the "Pet Photo Membership Card" at $80 per card. How to order: Please email your pet’s photo in a...

Veterinary Services

The SPCA operates numerous veterinary facilities in different areas throughout the territory of Hong Kong.  Offering our members the reliable, comprehensive and caring veterinary services include: outpatient consultation, surgery, dentistry, acupuncture and full hospitalization service.  Additional facilities include underwater treadmill for rehabilitation, in-house laboratory, Digital X-ray, Endoscopy, Bronchoscopy, ECG and Colour Doppler...

Member Announcement

It is resolved by members in the 2019 Annual General Meeting that the revised CONSTITUTION AND RULES with the advice of the Inland Revenue Department will be adopted upon the approval of the Lands Department. As we have obtained the related approval, it is announced that the revised version is...


As a member, you will be eligible to adopt animals like Cats, Dogs and other Small Animals from any of our homing centres. The cat and dog adoption packages cover an initial health check, the initial full course of preventive vaccinations, micro-chip, deworming and desexing. The dog adoption package also includes a...

Special events

Special Events

The SPCA hosts a wide range of events for its members e.g. seminars, workshops and pet carnivals. Some of these are exclusive for members. Upcoming Events

Retail Shop Sales

Members purchasing pet foods, pet care products, toys and accessories at SPCA retail shops can enjoy 10% discount and special offers on certain promotional items.  You can help save more poor animals in need, while you enjoy the savings! Shop Now