Issue 122 – Meet the Pet-ployees at Hung Fook Tong

Meet the Pet-ployees at

When the SPCA launched “Bring Your Dog to Work” last October, Hung Fook Tong got in touch as they were one of the pioneers to promote pet-friendly policies in the workplace.

Their journey started in August 2022 when they had their first “PAWsome Pet-friendly Day” and encouraged staff to bring their children and pets to work. Not only did it help create a family-friendly environment, but it also helped boost employee morale and engagement. Hung Fook Tong pet-ployees even have their own staff cards!

This April, the company will take the event to the next level by collaborating with the SPCA, and we hope more corporates will join the movement to make pet inclusivity a reality in our workplace. Drop us a note at to find out more.

Issue 122 – 2024 MAR – AUG