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Like Cinderella, we believe that all animals, regardless of their status, should be loved and cared for. At the SPCA, our mission is to protect animals’ health and welfare to ensure that they receive the proper medical assistance needed.

The SPCA’s Cinderella Vet Medical Fund provides support for homeless animals facing sudden and critical medical needs. These needs are often complex and require a sizeable cost. The fund also supports sick or injured animals whose owners cannot afford the necessary medical expenses.

Upon successful applications, animals in need will be provided with emergency surgery, medical examination and treatments. Over the years, we have made a significant impact by assisting numerous animals in dire need of medical assistance through this programme.

Funding has largely been provided by public donors. Your donation will play a crucial role in transforming the lives of animals by giving them the urgent medical care they desperately need.

“SPCA X FOR THE LOVE OF DOG.” Christmas Cards

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes!” This year, the SPCA will collaborate with the local art project FOR THE LOVE OF DOG. to launch an exclusive set of limited edition charity Christmas cards! Designed by local artist Philippa Ho, the cards come in 3 different styles, all featuring an animal rescued or received by the SPCA, with the animal’s adventures written on the back cover. Simply make a donation of HK$180 or above to the SPCA’s “Cinderella Vet Medical Fund”, and you will receive a set of 6 Christmas cards! Available while stock lasts!

We would also like to express our special thanks to the “Bubble Lee Fund”. The Fund will donate an equal amount to the SPCA if you make a donation within 5th December to 26th December 2023. *

Details of the campaign are as follows:

5th December to 26th December 2023

How to get the limited-edition charity Christmas cards:

Make a donation of HK$180 or above through
the SPCA’s Cinderella Vet Medical Fund” Donation Page

*Maximum total matching donation amount is HK$50,000.
**Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for details.


FOR THE LOVE OF DOG. is the SPCA’s official partner and also a fund-raising art project by Philippa Ho. The project offers drawings and merchandise with proceeds donated to animal shelters in Hong Kong and beyond.

These digital drawings can become printed artworks as well as personalised Tees, Totes, and Sweaters. Created during the pandemic, Philippa wanted to support the work of local animal organisations who helped rescue her three dogs with this initiative.

Two years on and this project has connected Philippa and her rescue dogs Rocky, Kaiya, and Oscar to a wonderful community of dog lovers and owners, with more opportunities to work with local shelters and charities through creative collaborations.

Click here to shop now.


Bubble Lee Fund

Bubble Lee was a cuddly Bichon Frise owned by one of the SPCA members. However, Bubble went over the Rainbow Bridge in 2015 and his owner set up the Bubble Lee Foundation to keep the love alive.

Similar to the SPCA’s “Cinderella Vet Medical Fund” , “Bubble Lee Fund” supports pets in need of urgent medical support but whose owners have financial difficulties, ensuring that they do not miss out on timely treatment due to financial problems.

Terms & Conditions:

  • SPCA X “FOR THE LOVE OF DOG.” Christmas Cards Campaign is valid from 5th to 26th December 2023.
  • Local Art Shop “FOR THE LOVE OF DOG.” is an official partner of the SPCA in this campaign.
  • The official website of “FOR THE LOVE OF DOG.” and its E-shop is:
  • Donors can receive SPCA X “FOR THE LOVE OF DOG.” limited-edition charity Christmas Cards through the following ways:
    Donate HK$180 or above via the SPCA’s “Cinderella Vet Medical Fund” website, fill in personal & delivery information.
  • The official website of SPCA’s “Cinderella Vet Medical Fund” is:
  • The SPCA’s “Seaside Pet Chill Christmas Carnival” starts from 16th to 26th December 2023. For more information, please visit:
  • Online donors will receive a confirmation email from the SPCA if the donation is made successfully. The confirmation email shall state whether the donors successfully obtain the gift or not.
  • For online donors, it will take 2-3 working days for the gift to be mailed out to the address provided from the recipient.​
  • The “Bubble Lee Fund” will donate to the SPCA during the campaign. The Fund will donate an equal amount to the SPCA to match the donations made during 5th to 26th December 2023. The total donation from the “Bubble Lee Fund” is maximum HK$50,000.
  • Donations made are not refundable under any circumstances. For any enquiries, please contact our Donation Department. In case of any dispute, the SPCA reserves the right of final decision.
  • For general inquiries and questions related to the products of FOR THE LOVE OF DOG., please email:
  • For more information or enquiries, please contact us by email at or call us on +852 2232 5510.


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