Foster Parent Programme

A happy foster parent and "child".A happy foster parent and "child".The Foster Parent Programme helps young animals such as kittens and puppies, as well as other animals in need of special care, such as those recovering from serious sickness or surgery. Such animals benefit tremendously from living with foster parents in a stress-free home environment during their recovery.

An additional benefit is that foster parents often identify potential homes for the animals they help to raise through their network of friends. Thousands of animals in the Foster Parent Programme have found homes in this way, helping the SPCA to re-home and save more animals.

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Types of Animals Fostered

Kittens and Puppies

In Hong Kong, many unwanted young kittens and puppies are born each year. Most are abandoned on the streets before they are really old enough to fend for themselves. The luckier ones are surrendered by owners to the SPCA or rescued by our inspectors or a kind passerby. 

At this tender age, these puppies or kittens are not yet robust enough for a kennel environment. In addition, they are too young to be vaccinated against common diseases, leaving them vulnerable to infection if they remain in an animal facility. 

They may need help with learning to eat solid food and need a human to replace their lost mother in helping to keep them clean. Being so young, they must be kept away from sources of infection and therefore shouldn't be taken outside. 

During this crucial period in their lives, the orphans benefit greatly from individual attention and a family environment, not just in terms of physical care but for socialisation too. Animals that are healthy and well socialized have the best chances of finding permanent homes.

Other animals

On occasion, the SPCA also needs foster parents for older animals that are recovering from surgery or illnesses.

Our volunteers have also fostered other species including birds, rabbits, tortoises, lizards and chinchillas.

Every year, almost 700 animals are given a second chance and a good head start in life through
SPCA's Foster Parent Programme.

“A Gift of Love for Animals – Save a Life”

Please send a Gift of Love to these poor orphaned animals, help them start new life and find loving home.