Issue 121 – Mrs. Fong & Her Fan Club

As our photographer was capturing the most intimate moments of Mrs. Fong and Gaga in her apartment, Bonita shared a few anecdotes showing how their cats were Mrs. Fong’s biggest fans, “if Mrs. Fong takes a bath, Gaga will wait at the door or sit on the edge of the bathtub. When Mrs. Fong brushes her teeth, Gaga will sit behind her and wait. When Mrs. Fong cooks, Gaga will be by her side to watch.”

Gaga joined the family at one year old and has always been very protective of Mrs. Fong. “If our guests stay at our house later than 10:30 pm, Gaga will make them leave. One time a monkey tried to break into the house, Gaga ran to protect Mrs. Fong without hesitation.”

Minouche, Mrs. Fong’s other cat who passed away at the age of 14, never missed her owner’s cooking show. “She watched my mother on TV every day until her famous closing line ‘see you at the same time tomorrow’,” Bonita said.

Now 16-year-old Gaga is enjoying her senior years with Mrs Fong. What’s Mrs. Fong’s secret to keep her happy and healthy?
“Owners must pay more attention as their pets enter different stages of their lives. Each of my previous cats had different diets and Gaga does not eat human food but her own kibble. She also drinks lots of water. In our family, we believe water is essential to maintaining good health,” Mrs. Fong said .

“Actually, age is just a number. There are so many things we can learn from older animals. The biggest lesson is loyalty.” - Mrs. Fong
Minouche was a big fan of Mrs. Fong’s cooking shows.
“People say that black cats bring bad luck but in the 16 years that Antonio was with us, he brought nothing but joy.” - Bonita
“Michella’s leg was accidentally trapped in an escalator and was rescued by the SPCA. We were happy to be selected as her new family.” - Bonita

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