Issue 120 – Enrichment Ideas – How to keep your house rabbit happy

5 games you can play

with your rabbit at home

So you’ve decided to adopt a rabbit and are looking for fun, enriching ways to keep your new pet a happy bunny!

These curious characters make wonderful companions, but before you set up playtime, do check your house is rabbit-proof, and any electric wires and precious objects are properly stowed away so that they cannot be turned into toys!

Offering safe alternative things will reduce any damage that a curious rabbit can do, as rabbits love to play and explore. Simple, fun toys and games are great to keep them amused and are also very entertaining to watch, so we have recommended 5 games you can play with your rabbit – let’s hop to it!

Contributed by the SPCA Chief Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Jane Gray

The Box Castle

Take a simple cardboard box that will fit your rabbit (plus a little space to move around) and cut rabbit-sized holes in the sides so they can hide and play in it. A couple of boxes can be fun as you can hide a vegetable treat in one for them to find as a reward!

The Tunnel

Some rabbits love to dash from place to place through a tunnel. Make the tunnel out of an arc or cylinder of cardboard. You can stuff some shredded newspaper in the tunnel for them to rearrange or dig in for added interest.

Ball Games

Believe it or not rabbits can play football…but they may not follow the rules! Find a lightweight children’s ball about half the size of your rabbit and see if they like to push it around with their noses. Experiment with different sizes as some rabbits like balls more giant than they are!

Digging Box

Find a box that your rabbit can jump into which is a few inches deep and fill it with strips of newspaper or “carefresh” bedding. Then just stand back and let your bunny make a mess and dig….excellent fun!


Some brave rabbits will even enjoy a game of chase. If your rabbits like to run at you try running away and then let them catch you. It’s now your turn to chase your bunny a few steps, and then turn and run away. Remember this is a game for an outgoing bunny so don’t keep running if they don’t respond or seem scared!

Most of all spend time relaxing and watching your furry friend for opportunities for you to join in their games! Friendly play will strengthen your bond and give you both a rewarding and companionable relationship.