Animals for Adoption

One adoption saves two lives. Every time a lucky animal leaves our adoption center, a place will be vacated so that another animal can wait in the center to find a new home!

Animal Adoption: Helping animals to find the perfect home

Having a pet is an incredibly awarding experience; regardless of age, gender or what part of the city you live in. In fact, most people who have pets say that they regard their feline friend or playful pup as a vital part of their family!

We’ve got many wonderful dogs, cats and hamsters at SPCA; all looking for a special person to take them in and give them a new, happy home.

The Advantages of Animal Adoptions:

  • New chances: You’re giving an animal a chance at a new life; free from neglect and unhappiness.
  • Helping animals: Adopting instead of buying provides you with real peace of mind. You can be happy in the knowledge that you’re helping an animal in need, rather than simply making a purchase from a business!
  • Happy and healthy: All our animals are fully checked, examined and if necessary, vaccinated before adoption.

What to do to Begin the Process of Animal Adoption

Firstly, check that you’re fully ready to offer an animal a great home. Pets are wonderful fun, but they do require a level of responsibility; with a stable home environment to help them to settle in quickly.

When you feel satisfied that you’re ready to adopt a pet, simply have a look at our animals on this page, or visit them in person at one of our SPCA centres. When you think you’ve found the perfect pet to take home with you, simply get in contact, and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process. Animal adoptions not only benefit the cat, dog or hamster in question, but they also provide warmth, companionship and a whole lot of fun!