About the Inspectorate

As the animal welfare movement further developed in the early part of the last century, Hong Kong embraced the concept through the formation of the organisation that was to become the Hong Kong SPCA. The core functions of this evolving organisation were to patrol, inspect, and act upon complaints of abuse and inhumane treatment of animals. Additionally, as time progressed, these rescuers were tasked with promoting citizen participation in responsible pet care and ownership. The need for an education department, vet services, an animal adoption programme, and the many other arms of the today's SPCA grew out of these then revolutionary initiatives in animal protection in Asia.

Currently, the Inspectorate Department has 22 full-time employees working around the clock to make Hong Kong a safe and healthy environment for all those other creatures with whom we live. Because Hong Kong law recognises an "animal" as any living creature - vertebrate and invertebrate, the Inspectorate scope is broad and includes owned and abandoned pets, wild animals, farm stock, and those in markets and shops.

To be an effective operational limb of the SPCA promoting the good welfare of animals in Hong Kong by proactively initiating rescues, inspections, educational programmes, investigations and subsequent prosecutions, to protect animals and prevent cruelty and unnecessary suffering. Additionally, to work with other departments at the SPCA to carry out its work and aiming to achieve the vision of the SPCA – setting a good example for other organisations and jurisdictions throughout Asia.

The vision of the Inspectorate is a derivation of the one governing the SPCA and deals specifically with the long-term goal of this vital part of the organisation.

To be an international, elite, Animal Welfare Inspectorate unit, playing a leading and exemplary role to its counterparts in Asia.