H07/059 – Nancy* (VSO)

Hi, I'm

Nancy !

I am a Female Mongrel., my birthday is 2022-04-01.
You can find me at Hong Kong Centre.


604 871 358
Rescued by Inspectors
Hong Kong Centre


Friendly, Laid Back, Sophisticated

Hi, I’m Nancy. I was found near a fishpond at Mai Po Nature Reserve on 25 April 2022. Although still young, I am a mature and sophisticated lady, and love to be around people and dogs. I am calm, affectionate and very cooperative when it comes to grooming and vet visits. I love my food and am told my face lights up whenever treats come out. Please give me a chance, and take me a home for a happy ever after!

Hints on Note/Intake :
ST / BTSO = Our trainer would like to explain more about the behavior issue of this animal
HOLD =this animal is on temporary hold while we're evaluating an adoption application but we still encourage you to submit an application if you're interested
Hold w PN ____________ =these two animals are bonded and we'd like to adopt them out as a pair to keep them together
VSO / Vet See Out = this animal may have a current or resolved medical issue which our veterinary staff will explain to you
SBO = this animal was surrendered by its owner
Some of these animals may be adopted or could be pending adoption as you are reading their profiles. Please give us a call at 2232 5529 to verify the adoption status of the animal you are interested in.
The SPCA is a charitable animal welfare organization that carries out genuine animal re-homing activities and as such has been granted an exemption by the Director of AFCD from holding an animal trading licence in accordance with section 5A(1) of the Public Health (Animals and Birds) (Trading and Breeding) Regulations CAP 139B which came into effect on 20th March 2017. ATL exemption number ORG – 00002
ATL exemption number ORG – 00002