Animal Welfare

To us, animal welfare starts with the belief that animals are capable of feeling and are able to experience both suffering and well-being. Numerous studies have shown that animals are complex beings, able to experience emotions, …

Vet Services

Our veterinary services department comprises seven static locations and a mobile desexing vehicle and is a far cry from when we opened our first clinic in Kowloon in 1953.
Our vet services department has grown considerably …


One adoption saves two lives. Every time a lucky animal leaves our adoption center, a place will be vacated so that another animal can wait in the center to find a new home!


We believe education is an important way to develop respect for the lives of animals, and helps raise awareness of animal welfare issues. We also believe that caring for animals also encourages …

Other Services

Other services include : B&T Consultation, Pet Grooming, Boarding, etc.