SNAP: Spay Neuter Assistance Programme

Every year many thousands of unwanted animals are born in Hong Kong often as a result of accidental mating. To prevent this problem, the SPCA advocates that all pets should be neutered particularly given the added health benefits …

Animal Welfare Vehicle

The problem of dog and cat overpopulation is particularly prevalent in the New Territories and on many of the outlying Islands where animals are “loosely owned”, seldom desexed, and allowed to wander freely.

Animal Birth Control

Tens of thousands of stray or unwanted animals are born every year in Hong Kong, the offspring of abandoned or unneutered pets that are left to roam and reproduce freely. Life on the street can be tough; these animals are vulnerable to …

Desex your Pet

Neutering is the surgical removal of part or all of an animal’s reproductive organs. In Hong Kong, neutering is sometimes called “desexing”. A more specific term for this procedure is “spaying” for female animals and “castration” for males.

Cat Colony Care Programme

Started in August 2000, SPCA’s Cat Colony Care Programme (CCCP) was begun as a response to the increasing number of street cats in Hong Kong. It combines the SPCA’s resources with the energy of Hong Kong’s numerous cat lovers in a …

Community Dog Programme

In 2005, we expanded our animal birth control programmes, setting up the Community Dog Programme to better address the issue of dog overpopulation.

Mongrel Desexing

Many dogs can be found wandering around construction sites and villages across Hong Kong, allowed to breed freely. The dogs are vulnerable to disease, accidents and malnourishment while their puppies are often abandoned.