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comics characters profile ENG
Chapter 34   Going Fur-Free
Going Fur-Free
Chapter 33   Stray Animals Deserve Our Respect
Edu pawprint comic ENG A Pet is a Friend for Life July
Chapter 32   A Pet is a Friend for Life
Edu pawprint comic ENG A Pet is a Friend for Life July

Chapter 31   A Cat From Korea
Edu pawprint comic ENG A Cat From Korea Jun
Chapter 30   Shield And Heal
R5 Comics Feb18 Eng Shield and heal

Chapter 29   MeowBehind The Beauty

R2 Comics Jan 18 eng Meow Behind the beauty
Chapter 28   Happy Holiday
R5 Comics Dec17 eng

Chapter 27   Should We Bathe Cats?
R3 Should we bathe cats

Chapter 26   Rejection Is Protection
R7 Comics Oct17 eng

Chapter 25   Annual Vaccination
R6 Comics Sep17 eng1

Chapter 24   Don’t Put Clothes On Dogs!
Final Dont put clothes on dogs

Chapter 23   Hot Weather Awareness
R2 Comics July17 Hot weather awareness

Chapter 22   The Big Shadow
R4 Comics June17 eng

Chapter 21   Say NO To Animal Shows (2)
R3 Comics May17 eng

Chapter 20   Say NO To Animal Shows (1)
Comics Apr17 eng

Chapter 19   Say NO To Shark Fin Soup
R5 Comics Mar17 eng Say NO to shark fin soup
Chapter 18   Curiosity Killed The Cat...
Final Curiosity killed the cat

Chapter 17   Man's Best Friend
17 Eng s

Chapter 16   Neutered Pets Are Happier
16resized en
Chapter 15   Cats At Chill

Chapter 14   Ecological Disaster

comics oct2016 en
Chapter 13   Gotcha
13 en
Chapter 12   Cool Walk For Dogs!
aug ENG
Chapter 11   The Most Important Person
comics july 02 en

Chapter 10   Thank You For Your Support

comics jun4 02 en
Chapter 9   Teddy The Pickpocket
comics pp100 eng 01 24.Feb.2016

Chapter 8   Tobbie's Comfortable Bed

Chapter 7   Bu Bi In Trouble

acap manga 7 en
Chapter 6   Blessings For Chinese New Year

 acap manga 6 en
Chapter 5   Training for Ci Ci
 acap manga 5 en
Chapter 4   Ci Ci's Christmas Wish
acap manga 4 en
Chapter 3   The Importance of Dental Care
acap manga 3 en
Chapter 2   Bu Bi's Transformation
acap manga 2 en 
Chapter 1   Bor Bor Gives Advice 
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