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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – SPCA (HK) – was formed in 1921 and is the prime charitable organisation in Hong Kong dealing with all aspects of animal welfare. Our aims are "to promote kindness” and “to prevent or suppress cruelty to animals".

Following on from its successful earlier programme for secondary school students, the Education Department (EDU) of the SPCA has organised "Animal Caring Ambassador Programme 2015–16 (ACAP)". Its aims are to spread a message of “love and care for animals”, to encourage respect for life, and to develop an understanding of animal welfare through various activities held at primary schools.

The programme sets out to help primary students:

  • Learn to create Harmony among all living creatures through the four main factors (2Rs + 2Cs)



Respect Care          


  • Understand the concept of animal welfare
  • Develop Whole-Person Skills, including interpersonal communication and problem solving skills, etc.


Duration: September 2015 to June 2016 (10 months)

Target group: Primary school students in Hong Kong

Application period: From now until 30 October 2015 (Friday)


Greetings from SPCA



Alice Choi

SPCA Executive Director

Human behaviour has a direct impact on animal well-being. It is important that we learn to respect and care for
animals as a means to improving their welfare.

As the Hong Kong representative of the World Animal Day Ambassadors, I am pleased to announce that the
SPCA has this year launched its second Animal Caring Ambassador Programme, this time targeting primary
students. Please support our programme and help change lives.

Join us to work towards a future where every living creature enjoys the respect it deserves.



Derek Kwik

SPCA Trustee and Committee Members

Ultra-marathon runner and author
1st Chinese person to run across the highest, driest, hottest and coldest deserts

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. While living in Pokfulam, my family shared our home with my domestic pets - dogs, birds, turtles and a menagerie of wildlife that I took in including stray cats and dogs, a pigeon and even a hawk. At the same time, I was always the smallest kid in school and as a result of my diminutive size, I was bullied often and my self-confidence suffered. I soon found my pillar of confidence to be in sports; becoming an intercollegiate martial arts champion, skydiver, triathlete and a PADI certified Dive Master.

As a Student Ambassador, you have a very important role to lead by example. Animals have no voice and are also victims of bullying. Animals depend on you to educate the local community on animal welfare. In 2004, I decided to lead by example and take my talents to the SPCA to help animal welfare. Every time I prepare for a marathon, I remind myself that training is a one year commitment but animal welfare is a lifetime promise. Today, I am the first Chinese person to have run across the world’s highest, driest, hottest and coldest deserts. In total, I have crossed 9 deserts, 4 jungles and 2 mountains. Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.

acap about gigi

Gigi Fu

SPCA President
In celebration of World Animal Day in 2012 we launched a successful animal ambassador programme for Hong Kong secondary
schools. This year, we are pleased to announce the launch in September of a programme for primary level students, the Animal
Caring Ambassador Programme 2015-16.

Children are our future, and it is very important that they learn about respect and care for animals at an early age. This 10-month
programme is designed to help young children understand the importance of animal welfare, and also to broaden the scope of
their learning and enhance their own personal growth.

Please support us and take part in this very special programme!

acap about vivian

Vivian Chiu

SPCA Education Manager

Dear Students

We are excited to share news with you of our new Animal Caring Ambassador Programme (ACAP). This is a special
programme created for all primary students in Hong Kong and provides different exciting learning opportunities
and activities. These include an eco-bag design contest, film and story sharing, exhibitions and charity events.

The Ambassador Programme is designed to help you understand why it is important to look after the animals in our
world, and also through specially designed activities to recognise that Respect, Responsibility, Care and Consideration
are key social factors that help us succeed in life.

Students who take part will be awarded a specially designed ACAP badge and certificate and the school which gains
the highest overall score will receive the SPCA Animal Caring Champion Cup.

Don't miss this chance of learning together and being involved in a year of excitement!


Greetings from Celebrities


acap about elena resize1

Elena Kong

SPCA Education Embassador

It is a great pleasure for me to be Education Ambassador for the “ACAP programme 2015-16”.Like humans,
animals have feelings, and we should learn to both respect and live in harmony with the animal world. As a
pet owner, I knowwithout doubt that animals have emotions and can also express love. It is our responsibility
to care for and protect them.

Education is an effective way to promote animal welfare. I hope that through supporting this campaign, we
can together spread the message of “respect for life” and “concern for animals” to primary schools and the
public. I also hope that you will make a pledge to,say “NO to Shark Fin Soup / Animal Shows / Wearing Fur
etc.”, and will share what you learn from this programmewith those about you to help create a better future
for our animals.

Please join Teddy Boy and me in participating in this meaningful campaign!


acap about ryan

Ryan Lau

Famous Media Professional

Dear Students

We study Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies at school, learning languages, and gaining cultural and
scientific knowledge. We also learn to be good citizens through Moral Education. Buthow can we learn to live responsibly
on this planet?

Although ours is a large, modern city, animals are all around us. In the food we eat, the clothes we wear, what we see on
TV, in our countryside and wild spaces, and in our homes as companion pets. We take what we need from these wonderful
creatures, so why shouldn't we ask ourselves what responsibilities we owe them in return?

Man is just one of the residents on Earth. We should seek to enhance our relationship with its other inhabitants – namely its
animals. We need them to survive. By protecting our animal friends, we safeguard our future and that of our planet.

Please join in and support the activities of the Animal Caring Ambassador Programme!



Mi Mi  is an adorable and much-loved part of the SPCA team, but her life had a less than happy start. Found as a young cat by inspectors on one of Hong Kong’s streets, she was skinny and sickly and struggling to survive. She was taken to the SPCA for the veterinary care she desperately needed and in time was made ready for adoption. However, Mi Mi had had such a poor start in life that she easily succumbed to infection and became ill several times while waiting for a new owner. Our staff never gave up on her, and nurturing her in the warm environment of the adoption centre they soon helped Mi Mi thrive.

Several people visiting the centre to adopt a cat took an interest in Mi Mi and thought about taking her home, but our staff had begun to recognise that Mi Mi loved living where she was and already considered it her home. They decided to keep Mi Mi in the centre and let her become the SPCA’s “family” cat.

Mi Mi has a small piece missing from her right ear. This indicates that she was desexed as a street cat. Clipping an ear after desexing is an easy way to tell which animals have already undergone the operation.

acap about borbor

Bor Bor  was a shy but lovely dog. He had been abandoned by his original owner and surrendered to the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) when he was seven years old, and was later taken by the SPCA to their homing department for adoption.

Although Bor Bor was small, finding a new home for him proved difficult. In addition to being withdrawn, he had begun to develop age-related illnesses. After much consideration and a series of consultations, a member of the SPCA staff decided to commit to taking care of Bor Bor for the rest of his life.

Bor Bor and his new owner lived happily together for five years. During this time, Bor Bor turned from being a very sad to an energetic and lively dog. He enjoyed his visits to schools for educational talks and meeting both primary and secondary students. The incentive, of course, was the extra snacks! Bor Bor died in 2014, but he leaves a legacy of love and animal understanding.





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