Pet Wellness Checks


Preventative Medicine for a Healthier, Happier and Longer Life!

Our own “wellness” is something we care about deeply as human beings, as we get older preventative health checks whether it be for diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease or cancer become part and parcel of our lives. Considering pets have become an integral part of our family coupled with the fact they age a lot faster than people, don’t they deserve a similar level of health care?

 So what better way to welcome the Chinese New Year than by giving your pet a clean bill of health! Our Wellness Clinics offer a comprehensive annual health check which includes a thorough clinical examination, blood pressure measurement and laboratory tests. These checks aim to give you peace of mind regarding your pet’s health, but at worst enables either early detection of disease to help treat and thus nip the problem in the bud or at least slow the disease process.

From February 11th to April 12th 2019 the SPCA are offering a special promotion for all wellness clinics. As well as a special “Wellness Package” fee the offer includes a $40 Hill’s Pet Nutrition Coupon (for use on any Prescription or Regular Diet). For more details on our wellness clinics please visit:

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For appointments please call our hotline on 2802 0501 or any of our SPCA clinics.

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