Healthy Paws Lifestyle Campaigns


As our new lifestyle campaign proclaims a healthy pet lives a happy life…..but how do we achieve this? As a responsible owner there are many ways you can help keep your pet healthy and happy….a nutritious and balanced diet, plenty of exercise, time spent together and of course regular veterinary checkups!

The SPCA is committed to animal welfare and quality veterinary care and in recent years has run several campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle not just for pets but people too….let’s face it a happy and healthy pet means a happy owner!

The Healthy Paws Lifestyle Campaign brings all these concepts together, and looks at the various ways we can all look after our pet’s wellbeing.

For more details on how to achieve this please visit the following campaign webpages:
Pet Wellness Checks
Pet Bright Smiles
Healthy Pet: Healthy Human

What you spend on yours….helps those outdoors!

All Proceeds from Veterinary Services Support Animal Welfare