Hair Miles Scheme


Hair Miles Scheme

As a SPCA member you can now earn “Hair Miles” loyalty points with every visit to our “Hair Force” grooming service. Our staff will issue your pet with a “Hair Force Boarding Pass” which records the “Hair Miles” earned in each visit.

Redeeming “Hair Miles” is easy – simply refer to the award chart and call our grooming staff for an appointment!


Nail Clipping/Ear Cleaning 15 miles
Full Set (shampooing, nail clipping, ear cleaning,
               and anal gland express)
50 miles
Full Set plus Shaving 70 miles
Full Set plus Trimming 80 miles


Nail Clipping/Ear Cleaning 150 miles
Full Set 300 miles
Full Set plus Shaving 420 miles
Full Set plus Trimming 500 miles

Apart from our Hair Miles scheme, members can enjoy an additional 10% discount when using our grooming services.

All proceeds from grooming services support our animal welfare initiatives. Book an appointment today and help other less fortunate animals in the process!