Hair Force One


Come Fly with our experienced crew!

The grooming team are proud to announce the opening of our brand new grooming facilities Hair Force One!

Stationed in our newly established base, our professional team are highly trained to combat:

• Messy fur
• Matted hair
• Inter-digital hair
• Dirty ears
• Long and sharp nails
• Compacted anal glands


Are you looking for a place where your pet can be groomed in a chic and cosy environment?

Look no further….Hair Force One has now landed at our SPCA Wanchai Headquarters!

Our team are fully certified with professional grooming qualifications from Hong Kong and Canada and is always available to attend to your pets grooming needs, whether it is a simple summer shave or a “full styling trim” for that special occasion.

An added bonus is owners can stay inside the grooming area during grooming; there is no need to leave your pet behind which lowers both your and your pets stress levels!


We look forward to having you on board soon!

Gabbie, Kathy, Justmy and Shan

(Your Dedicated Hair Force One Grooming Team)

Book now at 2232 5532 and come enjoy this brand new grooming experience!



• Pet Grooming Services are available for non-members - Members enjoy 10% discount.

• For members who board their pets at our Wanchai Headquarters we offer 20% discount on our full professional grooming services within the pet boarding period (for an unlimited number of visits).