Preventing loss


For owners who are concerned about how they can prevent loss or increase the chances of being re-united with their lost pet, the SPCA would like to offer the following advice:

Permanent Identification

  • Microchip and license your dog with the AFCD .
  • Pet cats can also be microchipped. The SPCA microchips all cats we rehome. SPCA clients and members can also report their cat's microchip numbers to us and these will be stored in our database. Registered cats can then be quickly reunited with owners should we find them.
  • Most importantly, it is crucial for owners to update their personal details and to update those details when ownership changes.

The SPCA often finds microchipped pets with outdated or incorrect owner information, making it difficult to locate their owners.

Often, owners forget to transfer ownership of the dog license from the pet shop where they bought theirdog or neglect to inform the AFCD when they move house or change telephone number.

If your dog was given to you by a friend, please ensure that the license is also transferred to your name, so you can be contacted easily by the AFCD should your dog be found.


Non-permanent Identification
  • Collars with identification tags that clearly state a contact number.
  • GPS tracking devices may also help locate your pet nearby.

Other measures
  • Current photographs are vital as they can be used for publicity and confirm identity. Keep all records of your pets in a safe place.
  • Make sure your pet is safely confined or under control, be it in the house or when you take it out.
  • Make sure that your premises are escape-proof. If you take your animal out, ensure your pet is either under proper control or secured in a sturdy transport carrier.
  • Know your pet - is your pet scared of thunder or lighting? Does it not like new people in the house? Will it sneak out when you have visitors entering and leaving the house? Ensure that you have a safe, secure place you can confine your pet before such things happen.