Meet our Trainers

Angela Wong

Angela began her career at the SPCA as a veterinary nurse. In due course, she was promoted to the position of welfare supervisor where she encountered thousands of abandoned dogs with all sorts of behaviour issues. These problems often arose from incorrect or poorly applied training methods. Some dogs were just never given a chance to learn. Angela was greatly motivated to become a pet dog trainer to help these dogs. The valuable experience at dog trainer academy helped to shape her training philosophy: NO AVERSIVES, positive reinforcement training, healthy relationships and proper management.


Erik Tamm

Erik first became interested in training after adopting a dog with behavioral problems and later went on to study at the Academy for Dog Trainers where he found his true calling for force-free training. He enjoys working with all owners and dogs but has a soft spot for dogs struggling with fear and aggression.

Erik hopes that one day all animals will be trained with compassion and that the use of fear, pain or coercion will no longer be considered acceptable. Dogs make people happy. Erik’s goal is to teach people how to make their dogs happy too, especially when training them.


Jojo Fan

Before discovering dog training, Jojo used to daydream about a future filled with dogs from her office desk but didn’t know how to get there. Although her first dog was at the age of 8, it wasn’t until she was an adult and adopted her first “difficult” dog that she realised what a wealth of information and misinformation was available to owners as she stumbled her way through good and bad advice. She became obsessed with finding solid, scientifically proved methods with no painful or traumatic side effects. 

Years later, Jojo is a graduate from The Academy for Dog Trainers. She uses only positive reinforcement and strictly aversive-free methods.  She believes training should be fun for both dog and owner and that a little knowledge about animal behaviour can go a long way towards a harmonious home. Her goal is to empower owners to make good choices to help get them there.


Lily Leung

Lily is a graduate from The Academy for Dog Trainers.  She believes that because dogs don’t inherently know how we want them to behave.  It is our responsibility to teach our dogs how we want them to behave, and to teach them in the ways that they understand. In fact, many behaviours we identify as “problematic” are quite simply dogs acting like dogs, such as resource guarding, chewing, and marking.

Lily enjoys working with dog owners to help them build a dialogue with their dogs and to curb difficult behaviour through training and play, so they will be able to enjoy their dogs’ company even more.

Lily holds a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology.  The only way to enhance our enjoyment of being a cat owner is to increase our understanding and knowledge of cats and their behaviour, what they mean, and what to do to help them when they start behaving in a way that causes you problems.