Meet our Trainers


Garay is always passionate about animals since he was child and is dedicated to promote force free training & the importance of enrichment.

His training principal is: “It’s not about control but a healthy relationship based on mutual respect”. He believes modern training should provide animals a sense of security and encourage their creativity.

Garay is a 10-year veteran animal trainer in Hong Kong. He studied Companion Animal Services CERTIFICATE III from Brisbane North Institute of TAFE in Australia 2007.

Before joining SPCA, he previously worked in Ocean Park for around 7 years as a Terrestrial & Marine mammal trainer, specialised in Panda & Golden monkey. He was a keeper with Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden’s Fauna Conservation Department around 2 years. He is also a certified professional animal trainer after graduating in Karen Pryor Academy(KPA)(CTP) in the USA 2016. And worked for 2 years as an Exotic Vet Assistant in (HWEVC).

Garay's goal is to teach people how to respect and how to live with animals peacefully!


Angela Wong

Angela began her career at the SPCA as a veterinary nurse. In due course, she was promoted to the position of welfare supervisor where she encountered thousands of abandoned dogs with all sorts of behaviour issues. These problems often arose from incorrect or poorly applied training methods. Some dogs were just never given a chance to learn. Angela was greatly motivated to become a pet dog trainer to help these dogs. The valuable experience at dog trainer academy helped to shape her training philosophy: NO AVERSIVES, positive reinforcement training, healthy relationships and proper management.


Erik Tamm

Erik first became interested in training after adopting a dog with behavioral problems and later went on to study at the Academy for Dog Trainers where he found his true calling for force-free training. He enjoys working with all owners and dogs but has a soft spot for dogs struggling with fear and aggression.

Erik hopes that one day all animals will be trained with compassion and that the use of fear, pain or coercion will no longer be considered acceptable. Dogs make people happy. Erik’s goal is to teach people how to make their dogs happy too, especially when training them.


Lily Leung

Lily is a graduate from The Academy for Dog Trainers and is certified as Fear Free Professional by the Fear Free Pets. She believes that because dogs don’t inherently know how we want them to behave. It is our responsibility to teach our dogs how we want them to behave, and to teach them in the ways that they understand. The key to success is to let our dog be a dog. In fact, many behaviours we identify as “problematic” are quite simply dogs acting like dogs, such as resource guarding, chewing, and marking. Lily enhances her knowledge on dogs by continuous study. She has completed two courses conducted by Dr. Amber Batson. They are Canine Aggression with Animals Professionals Course and Advanced Canine Aggression with Animals Professionals Course. It provided her a deeper understanding of the physiological changes of aggression dogs and ways to help them.

Lily, beside holds a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology, she also retained iCatCare Advanced Feline Behaviour for Cat Professionals with Distinction. Lily believes the only way to enhance our enjoyment of being a cat owner is to equip ourselves with knowledge on our furry cats so that we know how to make their lives happy.

Lily has been working with our veterinary behaviourist, Dr Smillie in behavioural consultations on both dogs and cats for many years. To further equip herself, Lily is now studying the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Animal Behaviour Course at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies of The University of Edinburgh.



Foster Wong

Foster believes scientific and force-free training is the most effective way to communicate when it comes to training your beloved dog family member.

Foster holds a Certificate of Applied Animal Behavior with the University of Washington. He is also among the few Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partners (CTP) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer-knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) in Asia. He is dedicated to promoting the use of positive training methods throughout China.

Foster is always thankful for the joy and unconditional love that dogs offer. He specializes in dog behavior modification program, which aims to effectively solve dog behavior issues as well as strengthen the bonding between owners and their dogs.