Why Adopt?

Your visit to the SPCA is an exciting event for our animals! You will be enthusiastically welcomed by an onslaught of happy purrs, body rubs, excited barks and crazily wagging tails of the many animals that are awaiting homes at our Adoption Centres.

Adoption saves TWO lives:
Every lucky animal that leaves our Adoption Centre - makes space
for another one to find a loving home!

Where our adoption animals come from

The adoption animals at SPCA come from many sources. Some are surrendered by their owners, some are 
rescued by our inspectors or members of the public, whilst others have been taken from neglect or cruelty situations.

After checks by our vets and behavioural assessments by our trainers, they are then given the OK to be put up for adoption.

Adopted pets make great pets!

Tens of thousands of people have adopted pets from the SPCA and enjoy many, many happy years together with their adopted companions. 

Everybody has a unique adoption story - some adopters feel very connected with an animal they meet at SPCA. Others have made a conscious choice to adopt a pet, instead of buying one. We often have adopters returning to adopt another pet when looking for a second pet or after their first adopted pet has passed away. 



    • The SPCA re-homes about 700 dogs, more than 1000 cats and over 300 hamsters every year.
    • In comparison, an AFCD report found that more than 600 puppies are being sold in pet shops every month!
    • Worse still, this demand has encouraged cruel breeding methods, sickness and long term suffering for both mothers and young animals alike.
    • And yet every year, more than 10,000 animals are euthanised in Hong Kong.
    • 1 in 3 dogs euthanised at the AFCD has been surrendered by its owner.