Hamster Adoptions in Hong Kong: Furry Friends Make Perfect Pets

If dog adoption and cat adoption isn’t quite right for you, or you’re limited on space in your home, then adopting a hamster is the ideal option. Hamsters are often a firm favourite with kids in particular, and they make a wonderful, friendly (and furry) addition to your family.

Why Hamster Adoption?

Adopting a hamster is a really good option for those who live in apartments, or have no garden. However, they’re also popular with those with kids, who want to have a pet of their own! Here are just a few reasons as to why hamster adoptions are better than simply heading to the pet store:

  • Happier animals: Many of SPCA’s hamsters have suffered neglect, or came to us as unwanted pets. There are few more rewarding experiences in life than giving an animal a second chance in life, with a new home and loving owners.
  • Healthy animals: We give all of our rescue animals a thorough physical examination and provide vaccinations where necessary, so you can be confident that your hamster will be in good health.
  • Friendly and fun: Our hamsters often have really good temperaments, making them the perfect pet for families.

How to Start the Hamster Adoption Process

If you’re interested in adopting a hamster, firstly, make sure that you’re ready for its arrival! A hamster will need a suitable cage to live in (preferably with lots of tunnels and toys to keep it amused) and will need appropriate food and bedding. However, the equipment that you will need can all be sourced at a reasonable price.

When you’re ready, simply browse through our selection of hamsters below. We rescue hamsters all the time, so keep checking regularly for updates! If you see the perfect hamster, get in contact, and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process. You can also pop in to one of SPCA’s centres and visit your hamster in person.

Download our guide to care for hamsters