Cat Adoption: Finding a Feline Friend for Your Home

It could be argued that cats make the perfect pets. Independent enough to roam the neighbourhood whilst you’re out and about, yet also happy to curl up on your lap in the evening; they make the ideal addition to your family.

Why Cat Adoptions are a Great Option

Rather than buying from a supplier, consider giving a rescue cat a home. At SPCA, we look after several cats; many of whom have suffered neglect and really need someone to give them some tender loving care and a new home. From playful kittens to more mature cats, we’re sure to have the perfect animal for you. Here are just a few other reasons why cat adoptions make real sense:

  • You’re giving an animal a second chance. By adopting a cat, you’re giving them a new lease of life.
  • Healthy cats: Our cats are all fully examined and vaccinated prior to adoption, and many are neutered or spayed, saving you considerable surgery fees.
  • Happy pets: The SPCA cats are always really happy to be given a ‘new life’ and as a result, often make wonderful pets.

How to Start the Cat Adoption Process Today

Below, you can see all the cats and kittens that we have available at present. We welcome new cats into our centres all the time, so keep checking regularly. When you see a cat that you’re interested in adopting, simply get in contact, using the number on the page, or come to one of the SPCA centres to visit them in person.

Alternatively, check out our other wonderful rescue animals on our animal adoption page.