Adoption Process


Please note

  • All adoptions must be made in person.
  • Adopters must satisfy the Society that they will provide a suitable home for the animal and look after it to the best of their ability.
  • The adoption process for cats and dogs may take more than one visit to the SPCA.
  • Persons who adopt must be members of the Society - unless they are adopting small animals ("pocket pets"). Those who join for the first time when adopting enjoy a reduced membership fee for the first year.
  • Please see below for our adoption process, fees and our full terms and conditions.

Though it is tempting to adopt a pet because of "love at first sight", we encourage potential adopters to go back home and discuss any decision to adopt with their family members.


Adoption Process

  • Visit our centres and interact with our animals.
  • If you want to adopt, please come with all your family members including helpers to ensure everyone in the family are willing to accept the new member. It can also increase the chance of adopting the animal.
  • Fill in our adoption registration form.
  • Your information will be used internally only within the SPCA and will not be disclosed to any third party.
  • Applications will be assessed and we will help the animal to find the home that we feel is the best fit. Our top priority is always the welfare of the animal.
  • Assessment is based on various factors including whether the housing allow pets, number of family members, number of existing pets, animal care experience, time spent with the animal, breed of the animal, character of animals, the concept of raising a pet and the interaction with animals during the visit etc.
  • We will ask you to provide the address proof and relevant supporting documents.
  • We may send our welfare staffs to conduct a home inspection.
  • We may ask you to bring your own dogs to interact with our homing animals to see whether they can get along.
  • We may ask applicants to provide adoption related documents and proof of required equipment.
  • The timeliness and compeleteness of submitting required materials from applicants will aslo be taken into consideration.
  • If your application is successful, we will inform you ASAP. If you don't hear from us within 7 days, the application can be considered as unsuccessful. ONLY successful applicants will be contacted.
  • We will leave you a message in case we cannot reach you. Please call back within 24 hours. Failure to reply means that you are no longer interested and we will move on to the next applicant.
  • You have to complete the adoption procedure and pick up the animal by appointment within a certain time period which is designated by SPCA, otherwise your applicantion may be cancelled. The procedure is about 1-2 hours depending on each animal’s case.
  • An unsuccessful application does NOT mean you’re not a good pet owner.
  • You are welcome to come back and we’ll help you to find the lifelong companion that suits your lifestyle the best.
  • All decisions are made at the discretion of the SPCA in the best interest of the animal and are final.
  • SPCA reserves the right to refuse and suspend any application to adopt an animal.


Package Fees (HK$) Desexing deposit# Non SPCA members
Dog $1800 $2000

Annual Membership

Annual Member $300/year

Family Member $450/year

Special Discount on Life Membership

Life Member $2,500 (ori. $2,800)

Life Family Member $4,000 (ori. $4,500)

Do visit our membership page to see our regular membership rates and member privileges

Cat $1500
Chinchilla $900
Rabbit/ Guinea Pig $400
Birds / Reptiles / Other Exotics and Special Breeds Determined by animal Determined by animal
Hamsters / Mice / Gerbils $50 - Optional

#For all animals not desexed at the time of adoption, an additional deposit must be paid before the pet is taken home. This deposit will be fully refunded when the pet is desexed. Desexing will usually be done before an animal leaves the centre, but in some cases the operation may be arranged for a later date.


What these fees help to cover

Our adoption fees contribute towards the veterinary care for our animals including (depending on species) health checks, preventive vaccinations, parasite control, heartworm testing, microchipping and desexing.


What these fees don't cover

The cost of feeding and general care of each adoption animal, including the treatment of any injuries or medical conditions is only made possible by the generosity of our donors.
Please consider making a donation to help more animals receive similar care.



Terms & Conditions

  1. Adopters have to be aged 21 or over and hold valid Hong Kong ID. Parents or guardians living at the same address must adopt on behalf of those under 21.
  2. Adopters must satisfy the Society that they will provide a suitable home for the animal and look after it to the best of their ability. Housing Authority regulations will be respected by the Society at all times.
  3. DOCUMENTARY proof of residential address must be presented before an adoption is approved. In certain cases, a home inspection or written confirmation by the housing management may be required.
  4. The adoption agreement must be signed and the appropriate fees paid.
  5. Persons who adopt must be Members of the Society. Those who join for the first time when adopting enjoy a reduced life membership fee.
  6. The Society reserves the right to refuse any application for adoption and to revise requirements and fees without notice.
  7. DESEXING IS COMPULSORY. Those who do not wish to have their pet desexed should not apply to adopt from the SPCA. Desexing prevents unwanted litters and disease in later life. The Society would rather prevent the birth of surplus puppies and kittens than have to put them to sleep.

In the event of any dispute the English version of these conditions will prevail.