2018 - 2019 Outstanding Volunteers

Barry Yiu

Barry joined the volunteer inspector cadre in 2009 and it is his 10th year as a volunteer inspector. He has served around 2,500 hours since 2009 and the Inspectorate would like to salute Barry for his dedication in saving animals.

Colin Wilson

Colin joined the volunteer inspector cadre last year and he has already served over 400 hours. Apart from being a volunteer inspector, Colin is also a dog walker. His contribution to the SPCA and the animals is highly appreciated.

Carol Dyer

Never turns us down! Carol has been helping with the English editing since 2004. We greatly appreciate her dedication all these years.

Elizabeth Huang

Elizabeth has edited a lot of our Chinese translation and we have made progress with our own writing too. Thanks so much for her support all these years!

Choi Yuet Yi

Ms Choi joined our Foster Parent Programme in 2017. She is a great help to us in fostering adult mongrel dogs, especially those with skin disease. She comes to pick up the animals whenever we call her.

Carmen Tsui

Assistant Kennel Keeper Supervisor of SPCA Carmen joined the SPCA in 2002. At the beginning, she fostered kittens and cats for us. Later on she started fostering hamsters. Last year alone, she fostered 134 hamsters for the SPCA. What a magnificent job she is doing!

Leona Yeung

Leona joined our Foster Parent Programme in 2017. She fostered 11 animals for us last year. Besides fostering young puppies, she is also willing to foster kittens with cat flu and cats. We are really grateful for her dedication.

Sarah Turner

Sarah has joined our Foster Parent Programme for more than 10 years. She always comes with her boyfriend to pick up kittens. After a few years, she returned to us. Now she is a mother of 3 children, and they all love animals. So the whole family is now fostering kittens for us. Last year, they fostered 6 kittens and some of them were neonatal kittens, which took them more than 2 months to foster.

Belinda Szeto

Belinda joined our Foster Programme in 2003. She has been a great support to us. Last year alone, she fostered 29 kittens and 2 guinea pigs for us. We are really grateful for her good work and we hope she will keep supporting our programme.

Yip So Fun

Ms. Yip is a big cat lover and she has been looking after street cats for more than 30 years. She has inspired many people to help or join in the CCCP. She always helps monks in bringing in their dogs for desexing and for medical treatments. She is truly an animal lover.

Chu Shau Ping, Sharon

Ms. Chu has been helping the CCCP programme since 2005 and she continuously supports animal welfare projects in HK. She has helped many cats find a warm home and trains new owners on how to look after the cats. She is always positive and it is great to have a volunteer like her; such a dedicated and inspiring person.