2015-16 Outstanding Volunteers

Angela Lefknecht

This is a very special award for Angela as she has been fostering dogs for the SPCA since October 2002.  In 2007 she became one of our Committee Members and continues to be a foster parent. Whenever Angela is in Hong Kong, she is always ready to help out. Our long-term stay dogs are more prepared for adoption with exposure to Angela’s neighbourhoods. We have had several successful cases. To date, Angela has helped foster 94 dogs. 

Sammy Chung

Sammy became a foster parent for our cats in 2002 and has since fostered 75 kittens. She and her daughter are always very helpful and dedicated, collecting kittens the very same day as we asked for their help.

Helena Liang

Helena became a foster parent for our cats in 2009 and has fostered 48 kittens so far. We greatly appreciate the help she has provided over the years.

Barry Yiu

Barry joined the Volunteer Inspector cadre in 2009 and has always been the most active volunteer among the cadre. He always assists in the night shift duties of the Inspectorate when only 1 Inspector is servicing all of Hong Kong. Last year Barry devoted 279 hours to the Inspectorate, making him highly deserving of the title “Outstanding Volunteer”.


Carol Dyer

Inspite of her busy schedule, Carol gives immensely valuable help to the Education department by providing English editing for Pawprint, Annual Reports and other educational materials.

Michael and Vicky

A unique couple who volunteers at the SPCA, Michael and Vicky have done so since 2010. Michael likes to walk homing dogs, while Vicky enjoys handling small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

Marion McDonald

Marion joined the SPCA’s volunteer Paw Pal Programme in 2015. As a dynamic Public Relations Director for Ogilvy, she came with a wealth of knowledge about dogs and cats, having almost completed a challenging three year post graduate course in companion animal behaviour. Despite a very busy work and travel schedule, Marion has been a committed volunteer and is a ray of sunshine both for staff and the dogs in the kennels with her bright red hair and bubbly personality. Marion understands dogs and her work with them, and her spending extra time with those with behaviour problems has been extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.     

Lisa Au

Lisa is a big cat lover. She joined the Cat Colony Care Programme (CCCP) over 10 years ago.  Her efforts have inspired many others to help and join the CCCP. She has also fostered many kittens and found good homes for them. Lisa is a very well-known cat lady in her neighborhood and her family supports all the good work she has done for animals.

Connie Wong

Whenever there is a cat that needs help, Connie will do her best to come to its rescue. She helped desex a thousand cats through the CCCP. Furthermore, Connie is a great animal ambassador advocating for responsible pet ownership and raising awareness of the importance to desex cats. Her dedication and generosity has touched many residents in the community.