Offline Donation Methods

You can donate* by cheque, bank transfer or credit card by completing the relevant donation form available below and sending it by mail or fax to SPCA. Address and bank account information is included on the forms. Please just click on your form of choice below:

Other Donation Methods 

  • Direct Transfer: Deposit the donation to our Savings Account at: HSBC 002-5-240326
  • PPS: PPS registered account holders can dial 18031 or visit to make donations. 
    After login, please enter SPCA (HK) merchant code: 9457

If your donation is over $HK100 and you would like an Official Receipt for tax deduction purposes, please send the Pay-in slip along with the Donation Form by post to the Donor Management Department, or by Fax: 2511 5590.

Change of Personal Particulars/Donation Details 

*Many times we are asked if by giving a donation, one also automatically becomes a member. In fact, donating is a means of helping support SPCA's work, but it does not give you access to our Membership services.  However, you are most welcome to also become a member. Many of our our members are also donors.

SPCA Mailing Address: Donor Management Team, SPCA(HK), 5 Wan Shing Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2232 5510            Fax: (852) 2511 5590