Fundraise to Help

The SPCA is committed to provide a range of services to protect the welfare of animals.
We receive over 99% of our income from supporters just like you and your help is essential for us to continue our vital work in the community.

We organise lots of fun-filled events to promote animal welfare and fundraise for our work. You can enjoy a great fun day out all the time knowing that you are helping animals! Some of our major fundraising events include:


Started in 1986, SPCA's Family Wag ‘N’ Walk is Hong Kong’s biggest walkathon for animals. About 1,500 dogs and 3,000 people attend this fun and enjoyable event and help to raise fund for animals in need.

The event bundles with a stage show, games, charity sales, gifts..…..etc.  This is a "must go" event for you and your pets!


Join thousands of other enthusiastic volunteers who fan out across Hong Kong to show their support by helping us raise much needed funds for the animals.


Help animals by selling tickets to your circle of friends.  At the same time, win fab prizes sponsored by corporates!


CELEBRATE & FUNDRAISE:  Encourage your friends to make a donation to the SPCA as a birthday present for you; set up a SPCA wedding registry or commemorate a graduation or alumni reunion.

BE A GOOD CORPORATE CITIZEN:  We encourage corporations to approach us with different ideas for contributing to animal welfare. Celebrate the anniversary of your company by making a special donation, or sponsor one of our many fundraising events. We welcome any form of donations: cash, in-kind or even employee-volunteer services.

DONATION BOX:  If you have a suitable office or retail outlet, why not show your support by displaying an SPCA donation box and helping to collect donations from the public.

SPREAD THE WORD:  Help us spread the word about our Fundraising events so we can gain more support! You can help us by putting up posters, distributing flyers and sharing on Facebook.

YOUR OWN IDEAS:  We welcome any form of donation proposal, so get creative! Our supporters have organised coffee mornings, written books and gone on long distance runs to raise money for the animals.

We can help you arrange special certificates of thanks for your own events, so please do get in touch with our Fundraising Department on  2232 5536 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.